3 Donald Trump Political Prop Bets To Consider Taking

  • There are +400 odds for Donald Trump to win the 2024 election and be the defendant in a criminal trial.
  • Trump has -190 odds to be the Republican candidate in the 2024 election.
  • There are -1400 odds on Joe Biden not pardoning Donald Trump.

WASHINGTONDonald Trump is and always will be a hot topic in the political world and there are several political prop odds that feature Trump and offer tremendous value at their price.

Online gambling sites have prop odds on him, futures odds on his potential 2024 run, and plenty more.

Elected And Defendant

Will Donald Trump Be Elected In 2024 + Defendant In Criminal Case?

  • Yes +400

There is some serious value in these political betting odds, as Trump already has the second shortest odds to win the 2024 election. As far as a trial goes, it seems as if he’s headed down that road as well with an upcoming hearing. Trump is looking to move his case to federal court, however, if all fails, a 2024 trial is on the horizon.

Back As The Republican Nominee

2024 Republican Nominee Odds

  • Donald Trump -190
  • Ron DeSantis +280
  • Nikki Haley +2500
  • Tucker Carlson +2500
  • Mike Pence +3000
  • Tim Scott +3000

It’s clearly a two-man race between Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis but Trump has the upper hand given their popularity ratings. Of those that responded to who they’d like to see as the Republican nominee, 54% of them chose Trump while DeSantis was far behind at 24%. It seems that the right side would still like to see Trump then go in any other direction in the same party.

To Pardon Or Not To Pardon

Will Joe Biden Pardon Donald Trump Before the 2024 Election?

  • Yes +650
  • No -1400

Absolutely not, and this could be one of the easiest cashed bets that anyone could ever make on Donald Trump. There has been nothing but criticism coming from both sides and it is a sure thing that neither of them would pull any strings for one another and a pardon is certainly at the top of that list.