New York Lottery Announces Wrong Numbers In Mid-May Lotto News Round-Up

Lottery News Roundup

The New York Lottery announced the wrong numbers for their Mega Millions drawing. A Florida Man cashed a $1 million scratch-off ticket in Tampa. A South Carolina woman won $75,000 on a scratch-off ticket. NEW YORK – There has been no shortage of lottery winners across the United States during May. However, one of the … Read more

$400 Million Powerball Jackpot Winner Highlights Lottery News

Lottery News Roundup

An Arizona lotto player won the second-largest Powerball jackpot of 2022 at $473.1 million. San Diego-based 7-11 sells a $38 million lotto prize. FedEx workers cash in on a $2 million Powerball pool. PHOENIX – The 2022 Lottery system in the United States has not failed to amaze once again as three major jackpot winners … Read more

Late April 2022 Lottery News Round Up

Lottery News Roundup

Florida Publix pays out $1 million in the scratch-off ticket. $20,000 was won off of the Tennessee Lottery. The Connecticut Powerball paid out $100k as the jackpot rises. PENSACOLA, Fla. – April 2022 has been nothing shy of exciting for lottery around the country as many have claimed prizes worth millions. The winnings have come … Read more

Lottery News Round Up March 19

Lottery News Roundup

The Iowa and Florida lottery paid out $3 million total in winnings. In Michigan as well $1.5 million in prizes has gone unclaimed. MIAMI – The lottery news never seems to disappoint whether it is a life-changing prize or unclaimed prizes. Millions of dollars are still at stake making plenty of headlines across the country. … Read more

Two Millionaires And $100k Prize Won In Early April Lotteries

Lottery News Roundup

A $1 million prize was won in the New York Powerball. A Massachusetts man won $1 million on an instant pay-off ticket. A Virginia woman nearly threw away her $110k lotto prize. NEW YORK – Lottery winners have been on roll in early April as two millionaire winners have been crowned. There was also a … Read more

Late March 2022 Lottery News Round-Up

Lottery News Roundup

The Maryland lottery had a $10 million prize go unclaimed. The South Carolina Powerball paid out $150k in Myrtle Beach. $50,000 was won in the Powerball in Indiana. BALTIMORE – The month of March continues to thrive with big winners being paid out by state lotteries across the country. In the backend of March, there … Read more

Late March 2022 Lottery News Round Up


$10 million was won from the Australian Powerball. A Michigan man won $4 million from the Extreme Cash scratch-off game. A Florida woman won $1 million on a lottery scratch-off ticket. NEW SOUTH WALES, Australia – March has been a rollercoaster ride of a month for those that play the lottery and the backend of … Read more

Mid-March 2022 Lottery News Round-Up

Lottery Tickets

A woman in Australia won $4.8 million from the Set For Life 24/7 draw. The Diamond Millions scratch-off paid out $1 million in Massachusetts. The South Carolina lottery paid out $300,000 on a scratch-off. BOSTON – The lottery has been paying out many all throughout the month of March and it has certainly continued through … Read more