5Dimes Transfers US Accounts After Announcing US Stoppage

  • 5Dimes customers were able to transfer their betting accounts to Betanysports after the announcement of the temporary stoppage of accepting US bets.
  • Betanysports has been honoring all futures wagers and has identical betting odds to 5Dimes.
  • No official word has been made on when 5Dimes will return for US players.

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica. – After announcing that it will temporarily stop accepting US wagers after September 21, 5Dimes has allowed customers to transfer there betting accounts to Betanysports.

Betanysports uses the same software as 5Dimes, allowing for a seamless transition between the two gambling operations. However, there have been reports that this transfer method is no longer available.

5Dimes has given its patrons a deadline of September 25 to withdraw from there betting accounts or transfer funds, otherwise, a third party claims admiration will be responsible for returning funds to patrons.

Options For 5Dimes Customers

The online sportsbook provider seemingly out of nowhere announced to its US customers of the stoppage. This led to much confusion as the timing seemed really strange.

The NHL and NBA playoffs are in full swing, the MLB season is still ongoing and the NFL season has just started. With the peak sporting activity ongoing, it made little sense to stop accepting wagers.

5Dmes customers were relieved to see an alternative to simply losing on their futures bets, with the transfer system provided by the Betanysports.

Betanysports has identical betting lines, a similar website structure, and the same exact odds for games and futures.

This allowed customers to easily be able to transfer over there betting information and be able to continue to wager on the many ongoing sporting leagues.

The online gambling provider also allowed for patrons to transfer without having to create a new account, with the 5Dimes account itself merging over. This led to a convenient method of staying in on the action.

5Dimes stated that its stoppage of accepting US wagers was only temporary. The company expressed that the hiatus was to simply improve the betting experience for US players going forward.

Many speculated that this was in an attempt to become a regulated US sportsbook. No official word has been confirmed by the company.

But, players can no longer transfer there betting accounts to Betanysports as the international betting operator is no longer accepting 5Dimes players.

Patrons will have to wait and see what 5dimes has in store for them.