Jock MKT Launches New Type Of Fantasy Sports App In Time For NFL

  • Jock MKT has launched its new fantasy sports mobile app.
  • Users can buy and sell virtual shares of NFL, NBA, and PGA Tour athletes during live events in using either the market or contest formats.
  • The innovative fantasy sports betting style was able to be brought to life by the company's early investors.

BOSTON - Fantasy gaming platform Jock MKT has released a new mobile platform on iOS that allows the buying and selling of virtual shares of professional athletes during games. The launch came just in time for the start of the NFL season.

This app gives users the chance to buy and sell shares of NFL, PGA Tour, and NBA athletes while the games and events are happening for cash prizes.

The first funding of this platform came from Will Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm that focuses on those at the intersection of sports and technology, and Ryan Moore, who is the founding partner of Accomplice and first investor in DraftKings.

The Jock MKT platform and app, founded by Tyler Carlin, is now available for residents in 34 US states and has grown in the USA online gambling market around the country.

“We’ve put a ton of time and effort in as a team to bring something new to fantasy sports,” said Carlin. “And we’re really looking forward to launching our cash market format because it’s unlike anything else out there, and not many companies are doing in-game fantasy sports at scale.”

Isaiah Kacyvenski, retired eight-year NFL veteran and Managing Director Will Ventures, produced the idea of the “Robinhood-esque” style trading experience. Now that Will Ventures and Accomplice have partnered with Jock MKT, the unique fantasy sports style can be introduced to the world.

"There's been surprisingly little innovation in the daily fantasy sports space over the last 8 years," said Kacyvenski. "As a former player, I see how much data has improved over that time, and how networks are incorporating more of that information into their live broadcasts. I love the Jock MKT team, and I think there's huge potential to translate this growing national appetite for real-time info into a more engaging, and unique in-game fantasy offering."

The Jock MKT mobile app is offered in either a MARKET or a CONTEST format during the NFL, NBA, and PGA Tour events. The MARKET format allows players to join at any time and for any dollar amount while the CONTEST format makes all users pay the same entry fee and start at a predetermined auction-style IPO period.