Alabama Amendment Could Bring In Lottery And Online Gambling

  • Senator Greg Albritton plans to propose an amendment to the constitution to allow a lottery and online gambling.
  • Due to 2022 being an election year in Alabama, an issue as controversial as gambling may have trouble getting passed.

MONTGOMERY, Ala. – Alabama lawmakers are making moves in hopes of getting an amendment proposal in through the 2022 Legislature Session which could be the next step towards an online gambling market for Alabama residents.

Amendment Could Bring Gambling To AL

Republican Senator Greg Albritton wants to introduce a proposed amendment to the state constitution. The amendment would include a number of gambling-related issues including an Alabama Lottery, a compact with the Poarch Band of Creek Indians, and even some online gambling websites that are state-regulated.

According to Albritton, part of the gambling revenue would be earmarked towards mental healthcare and facilities across Alabama.

“This simply needs to get off our plate, off the table. We need to deal with this and waiting another year is not going to help us. That would just be revenue thrown aside or thrown away,” said Albritton.

Could The Election Year Interfere?

The Alabama primaries happen in May, so election concerns will likely play a role in Alabama lawmakers’ decisions.

“I would be very surprised if it would pass in a regular session in an election year,” said Steve Clouse, chairman of the House general fund budget committee. “By the time we get toward to end of March first of April people are going to be antsy to get out of there.”

The Senate already approved a proposed amendment to establish a state lottery and allow nine casinos into Alabama. However, the amendment didn’t make it through the House of Representatives.

The House and the Senate will convene on January 11, 2022, where the proposal of online Alabama gambling will likely be discussed.