A College Sports Ban Doesn’t Stop Athlete Influence, Bettors

Temple Owls vs. UAB Blazers

U.S. Integrity has been monitoring Temple men’s basketball games after finding gambling irregularities. Instances of coach and athlete manipulation require vigilant regulation over sportsbooks and admin. Creating a blanket ban on college sports betting in the US only hides the issues under the rug. PHILADELPHIA – The intersection of problem gambling, college athletes, and game … Read more

Alabama Retracts On Casinos, Sportsbooks; Still On Lottery

Alabama State House

Alabama House endorses gambling while a Senate standoff threatens progress. The opposition is challenging revenue distribution and social repercussions. The fate of the Alabama gambling bill is uncertain amid internal and external pressures. MONTGOMERY, Ala. – In a pivotal moment on Tuesday, the Alabama House of Representatives passed legislation endorsing casino gambling, sports wagering, and … Read more

Alabama Illegal Gambling Den Busted After Overdose Victim

Gambling Machines

Six people were arrested at an illegal gambling establishment in Alabama on Saturday. Police responded to an alleged overdose where they discovered 35 slot machines. The overdose victim survived and the illegal gambling den got shut down. JASPER, Ala. – The Walker County Sherriff’s Department discovered an illegal Alabama gambling den in response to a drug … Read more

Supreme Court in Alabama Goes Against Electronic Bingo

Bingo Players

The Supreme Court in Alabama officially decided that electronic gambling machines in both Lowndes and Macon County would not be given legal clearance to operate. The Sheriff and Mayor in Macon County both expressed frustrations over the Supreme Court ruling because of the economic benefits of the casinos operating the machines. MONTGOMERY, Ala. – After … Read more

Alabama Courts Force Greenetrack To Pay $76 Million In Taxes


The Alabama Department of Revenue finally forced Greenetrack Inc. to pay over $76 million in taxes. Greenetrack will now be forced to pay the fine, because the Alabama Supreme Court ruled against them, exhausting their options. Getting Greenetrack to pay a fee may have been a win for lawmakers, but it really just showed the … Read more

A Lottery And Half-Dozen Casinos In Alabama Remain The Focus

Alabama State House

The Alabama Track Owners Association is building up support for legal gambling in Alabama. In 2021, a legal gambling bill passed the Senate, but died in the House. In 2022, the pattern seems similar – significant support in the senate, but a lukewarm reception in the house. MONTGOMERY, Ala. – The Alabama Track Owners Association … Read more

Historic Powerball Jackpot Not The Only Lottery News


The odds to win the estimated $630 million Powerball jackpot are 1 in 292.2 million. Mass Cash produced two winners of $100,000 this past week. Platinum Jackpot winner in Viginia won $1 million on a chocolate milk run. BOSTON – Millions of people will be sitting on the edge of their seats to watch the … Read more

Alabama Amendment Could Bring In Lottery And Online Gambling

Alabama State House

Senator Greg Albritton plans to propose an amendment to the constitution to allow a lottery and online gambling. Due to 2022 being an election year in Alabama, an issue as controversial as gambling may have trouble getting passed. MONTGOMERY, Ala. – Alabama lawmakers are making moves in hopes of getting an amendment proposal in through … Read more

Race Tracks In Alabama Form Group To Advocate For Gambling


Multiple bills failed to be enacted that could have legalized gambling in Alabama. Gov. Kay Ivey has generally been in favor of those bills. Race tracks in Alabama are looking to get a bill passed in the next legislative session. MONTGOMERY, Ala. – Multiple online gambling bills recently failed to pass in Alabama, but efforts … Read more

Alabama’s All-Inclusive Gambling Bill Might Be Dead

Alabama Senate

Alabama’s lawmakers seem to have ground their potential online gambling bill into the ground. Disagreements over how licenses were determined and where the money was set to go may have torpedoed SB 319. The replacement bill, which would only legalize lottery gameplay, was too little too late, it seems. LAS VEGAS – Alabama, which seemed … Read more