Mega Millions Jackpot Near $1B, Powerball: $750 Million

Mega Millions Jackpot

Friday’s lottery drawing with feature a Mega Millions jackpot of $977 million. Saturday brings a near top 10 Powerball drawing, with a jackpot estimated at $750 million. NEW YORK – States across the U.S. are buzzing with excitement as the Mega Millions jackpot climbs to nearly $1 billion. The winning numbers for this massive prize … Read more

Tuesday’s Mega Millions Jackpot Eyes Record $1.55 Billion

Mega Millions Jackpot

Tuesday’s Mega Millions jackpot is estimated to be the biggest in the lottery’s history. A $1.55 billion jackpot estimation would surpass the current record of $1.537 billion from October 23, 2018. ATLANTA – After no lottery ticket matched the winning numbers from Friday night’s drawing, the estimated jackpot for Tuesday night’s drawing is $1.55 billion. … Read more

Mega Millions Jackpot Approaching $1B for Friday’s Drawing

Illinois Lottery

The Mega Millions lottery jackpot sits at $910 million for Friday’s drawing. Officials claim the number is the fifth-highest jackpot in the lottery’s history. Friday’s drawing takes place at 11 p.m. ET. WASHINGTON – Friday’s Mega Millions lottery jackpot drawing is an estimated $910 million. The jackpot is on the verge of reaching the $1 … Read more

Lottery Jackpots: Powerball at $1B, Mega Millions at $720M


The Powerball and Mega Millions national lottery jackpots approach massive milestones after no winners were announced on Tuesday’s drawing. Powerball jackpot sits at $1 billion dollars, while the Mega Millions is at $720 million. The next Powerball lottery drawing is on Wednesday, June 19, at 10:59 p.m. ET. ATLANTA – The Powerball lottery jackpot sits … Read more

Mega Millions Jackpot Creeps Over $350 Million For Friday

Mega Millions Jackpot

The Mega Millions Jackpot has reached $355 million ahead of the next drawing on Friday, March 30. The most recent win with a larger Mega Millions jackpot was on January 13, 2023, earning over $1.3 billion in winnings. ATLANTA – The Mega Millions Jackpot has reached over $350 million prior to its drawing Friday. A … Read more

Lottery News Roundup 03/07/2023: Featuring $1M Trash Ticket

Lottery News Roundup

A Michigan woman realized she put a $1 million-dollar winning scratch-off ticket in the trash but was able to retrieve it. Five Michigan lottery tickets worth $1 million dollars or more were won in the month of February. A player won $2 million on the Texas Lottery Powerball. LANSING, Mich. – A Michigan woman mistakenly … Read more

Virginia Lottery Adds $50 Scratcher, Breaks $2b Win Mark

Virginia Lottery

The Virginia Lottery added a $50 scratch off game, $326,000,000 Fortune. Players have collected over $2 billion in online payouts from the Virginia Lottery. The lottery accounted for about 10% of Virginia’s K-12 education budget in FY 2022. RICHMOND, Va. – With more than 300,000 accounts, the Virginia online lottery has paid more than $2 … Read more

Grand Lotto in the Philippines Under Fire After 433 Winners

Philippines Lottery

The Grand Lotto of the Philippines had 433 players win the lottery on Oct. 1. That suspiciously large number of winners has caused a lot of controversy within the online gambling community. MANILA, Philippines – The Grand Lotto of the Philippines is under fire after 433 people won their Oct. 1 drawing of about $4 … Read more