Live Dog Race Betting Ban Not Being Honored In Massachusetts

Greyhound Racing

Co-founder of ‘GREY2K USA Worldwide’ Christine Dorchak is dissatisfied with Massachusetts lawmakers and their inaction regarding the ban on live dog racing and betting. Live dog racing and betting were banned in 2010 in the state but simulcast betting of the same thing has been a constant since then. BOSTON – Non-profit organization ‘GREY2K USA … Read more

Projected Tax Revenue For These 6 Potential Sports Betting States

US Map

Ohio, Massachusetts, Kansas, South Carolina, Kentucky, and Missouri could see legalized sports betting by 2022. Each state listed could see millions in annual tax revenue from regulated sports betting. LAS VEGAS – More than 20 states have launched sports betting operations in the past three years, and it has been very profitable for them. Although … Read more

Why Poker Isn’t Returning To Massachusetts Casinos

No Poker

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission lifted poker restrictions in May. Poker rooms in major casinos have not reopened, however. The Gaming Commission will check in on this problem in the coming months, but has taken no action yet. BOSTON – During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Massachusetts Gaming Commission allowed local casinos to replace poker areas in … Read more

Massachusetts Casinos Bring In $87 Million In May

Massachusetts Casino

Massachusetts licenses three casinos to operate, which brought in $87 million in gross revenue in May. This resulted in $25 million entering state coffers. LAS VEGAS – Massachusetts’ casino industry saw growth in May, building upon an impressive April return. March saw Massachusetts’ three casinos account for $84 million in gross gaming revenue, which rose … Read more

Massachusetts Removes COVID-19 Gaming Restrictions

No More Masks In Massachusetts

Massachusetts has approved removal of COVID-19 restrictions on gambling. This means a return to pre-pandemic procedures for the most part. Masks are no longer required for those who are vaccinated. LAS VEGAS – The Massachusetts Gaming Commission has voted to remove many of the COVID-19 restrictions on gaming in the state. The two casinos in … Read more

DraftKings Expands Jackpot Offering, Acquires BlueRibbon

DraftKings has acquired BlueRibon

DraftKings has acquired Blue Ribbon Software’s BlueRibbon jackpot functionality. This will allow for personalized jackpot promotions and rewards. This is an expansion of the DraftKings Casino products. BOSTON – Players who use DraftKings’ online casino operations will soon see an expansion on the casino jackpot offerings after DraftKings adds Blue Ribbon Software’s technology to its … Read more

MA Considers iLottery Legalization, PA iLottery Has $1M Winner


Massachusetts is considering legalizing an iLottery platform as well as other internet gambling for its 2021 budget proposal. The Coronavirus Pandemic has caused financial losses everywhere and states like Pennsylvania that have an iLottery are still able to maintain a revenue stream from that industry while on lockdown. BOSTON – Massachusetts is considering legalizing an … Read more

Massachusetts Looks To Take Lottery Online

Massachusetts Lottery

Massachusetts lottery leaders hope for online gaming because the date is showing how much the coronavirus pandemic has impacted to annual revenue Even though individuals in the state spend the most on lottery tickets, the profit has lowered by $195 million from 2019 There have been steps to move to a cashless operation but state … Read more