Lottery News Roundup 03/07/2023: Featuring $1M Trash Ticket

Lottery News Roundup

A Michigan woman realized she put a $1 million-dollar winning scratch-off ticket in the trash but was able to retrieve it. Five Michigan lottery tickets worth $1 million dollars or more were won in the month of February. A player won $2 million on the Texas Lottery Powerball. LANSING, Mich. – A Michigan woman mistakenly … Read more

Lottery News Round Up March 19

Lottery News Roundup

The Iowa and Florida lottery paid out $3 million total in winnings. In Michigan as well $1.5 million in prizes has gone unclaimed. MIAMI – The lottery news never seems to disappoint whether it is a life-changing prize or unclaimed prizes. Millions of dollars are still at stake making plenty of headlines across the country. … Read more

Lottery News Of The Week: Man Forgets He Wins Two Jackpots

North Carolina Lottery

A man in North Carolina won two lottery jackpots after forgetting he bought a second ticket. Two Florida residents each cash $1 million in lottery prizes. Michigan Sherriff on watch for two people buying lottery with stolen credit cards. Man charged for attempted murder on lottery partner. LAS VEGAS – It has been a hectic … Read more

$1.15 Million Lottery Jackpot Won In Detroit Mini Mart

Michigan Lottery

The Lotto 47 jackpot has been won in Michigan, paying out $1.15 million to the winner. This is the second time in only a few weeks that the Lotto 47 jackpot has hit. Michigan offers online gameplay for draw games, including Lotto 47. DETROIT – The winning ticket to a $1.15 million lottery jackpot was … Read more

Not Once, But Twice Michigan Man Wins Millions In Instant Lottery

Not Once, But Twice Michigan Man Wins Millions In Instant Lottery

A Michigan man won $4 million on the Instant Lottery Game twice in his life. The win came from a $30 scratch-off ticket. The odds of winning the lottery again after you’ve won it already are the exact same as if you did not win the lottery before. CARLETON, Mich.- One lucky man in Michigan … Read more