Late March 2022 Lottery News Round Up

  • $10 million was won from the Australian Powerball.
  • A Michigan man won $4 million from the Extreme Cash scratch-off game.
  • A Florida woman won $1 million on a lottery scratch-off ticket.

NEW SOUTH WALES, Australia – March has been a rollercoaster ride of a month for those that play the lottery and the backend of the month has not been any exception. In recent weeks, $15+ million has been won by lotto players around the world from the Powerball as well as different scratch-off games.

New South Wales Man Scores $10 Million In Powerball

An Australian man cashed in a life-changing Powerball ticket for just over $10 million. This comes as the man-made a significant change to his lotto strategy by changing his online lottery numbers just a few weeks earlier.

“I’ve only been using these numbers for a few weeks. I swapped them not too long ago to include special family dates. “My wife actually only said it to me last week, ‘I don’t know why you play that online, no one ever wins online’,” said the Powerball winner.

Extreme Cash Scratch-Off Pays Out $4 Million In Michigan

Moving over to the Michigan Lottery, a man cashed in big in the Extreme Cash scratch-off ticket for a grand prize of $4 million. The winner opted to take the lump sum of the prize which came out to $2.7 million.

“I started scratching the tickets when I got in my car and couldn't believe it when I saw I'd won $4 million. I started shaking and sat there staring at the ticket in disbelief for about 15 minutes,” said the winner.

Florida Lotto Cashes Out $1 Million Through Scratch Off

Going down to the Sunshine State, Lizbeth Chaparro Venegas, a lotto player cashed in on a $1 million prize from the $20 scratch-off ticket, Gold Rush Limited. The Handy Food legal gambling operator in Immokalee was the one that sold the ticket and will get a $2,000 reward for doing so. After winning the prize, Venegas has opted to take the lump sum of the payout of $795,000.