Not Once, But Twice Michigan Man Wins Millions In Instant Lottery

  • A Michigan man won $4 million on the Instant Lottery Game twice in his life.
  • The win came from a $30 scratch-off ticket.
  • The odds of winning the lottery again after you’ve won it already are the exact same as if you did not win the lottery before.

CARLETON, Mich.- One lucky man in Michigan has managed to do the seemingly impossible twice in just the span of three years.a

Mark Clark, a Carleton resident, won $4 million dollars from the $30 Instant Lottery Game recently, making this his second jackpot win.

Clark won another $4million in 2017 with the same instant game scratch off.

Clark’s story is the prime example that anything can happen. Clark bought a $30 instant lottery ticket from the Ash Market in Carleton.

“I scratched the ticket off in the store with a coin my dad gave me about 10 years ago. We lost him about a year ago after some health struggles, and I can’t help but think maybe that lucky coin helped me win this,” said Clark.

For the instant lottery game that Clark played, the odds to win something are 1 in 3.12.

This means that about a third of the people who purchase a ticket will win something, although most of the prizes will be small.

Only three of the $4million prizes were printed out, and Clark was the third winner of the scratch-off, making Clark one very lucky Michigan resident.

Interestingly, the odds of winning the lottery multiple times are the exact same as winning the lottery once. According to a study done by CNBC, multi lottery winners do not have any advantage or disadvantage over anyone else.

“If someone already wins the lottery, then the chance that the person wins the lottery a second time will be exactly the same as the probability they win the lottery if they had not previously won the lottery before,” said Dr. Mark Glickman, Harvard statistics professor.

Despite the rarity of claiming the jackpot, millions of Americans purchase lottery tickets every day, and some purchase online at online gambling sites.

With the odds, anyone can be a two-time lottery jackpot winner like Mark Clark.