Lottery News Of The Week: Man Forgets He Wins Two Jackpots

  • A man in North Carolina won two lottery jackpots after forgetting he bought a second ticket.
  • Two Florida residents each cash $1 million in lottery prizes.
  • Michigan Sherriff on watch for two people buying lottery with stolen credit cards.
  • Man charged for attempted murder on lottery partner.

LAS VEGAS – It has been a hectic week for anyone playing the lottery as there have been winners across the United States as well as concerning news to watch out for.

Forgetting The Prize Of A Life Time

A North Carolina man, Scott Thomas, is the lucky winner of not one, but two winning lottery tickets after forgetting that he has already purchased a lottery ticket with the same numbers.

The prize for each of his tickets is either $25,000 a year for life per each ticket adding to $50,000 a year for life or taking a combined lump sum of $390,000 per ticket adding up to $552,000.

All in all, Thomas decided on taking $552,000 as his prize and is a half-million dollars richer.

Raining Cash In Florida

Two separate residents in Pensacola, Florida have cashed big on the same scratch-off tickets, Gold Rush Limited.

Walter Scales purchased his ticket from a legal gambling operator, Sai Krupa, while Frances Peterson bought his from a Circle K gas station.

The scratch-off won each player $1 million in which each of them opted to taking a lump sum of $795,000 each. The total cost of each ticket was $20 and each of the retailers that sold the tickets will receive $2,000 in commission.

Trouble In Michigan

In Michigan, things are not as dandy as there are two burglars on the loose buying legal lottery tickets with stolen credit cards. The Cheboygan County Sherriff’s office had issued a warning to be on the lookout for those two men.

They have been going to different lottery spots and charging anywhere from $3,600 to $5,000 per charge in lottery tickets.

“We are working with the State Lottery Commission to see where these tickets may be cashed in and attempting to identify the suspects to further the investigation,” said Sheriff Dale Clarmont in a statement.

Attempted Murder Over Lottery

In London, Barry resident Emma Brown won $7.2 million in a lottery jackpot and after winning, her significant other, Stephen Gibbs attacked her in an attempt to kill her and cash the winning lottery ticket to himself.

The attack came after Brown wanted to end their relationship shortly after winning and she was found by her neighbors.

Gibbs is now awaiting a trial for an 11-year sentence.