$1.15 Million Lottery Jackpot Won In Detroit Mini Mart

  • The Lotto 47 jackpot has been won in Michigan, paying out $1.15 million to the winner.
  • This is the second time in only a few weeks that the Lotto 47 jackpot has hit.
  • Michigan offers online gameplay for draw games, including Lotto 47.

DETROIT - The winning ticket to a $1.15 million lottery jackpot was sold in Detroit, Michigan at Mack’s Vandyke Mini Mart. The lottery in question, Lotto 47, was also won on Oct. 30, when it was at $1.63 million, a quick turnaround on winners.

Lotto 47 is one of Michigan’s state lotteries, and involves tickets that cost $1 each with a jackpot that begins at $1 million. Both of these jackpots were hit fairly quickly, as neither of them even went over $1.75 million with the money from entries.

Lotto 47 allows players to pick their own lottery numbers, and if they match the numbers selected by the Lotto 47 team, that person is the winner.

The winning ticket this time around used the numbers 10-11-27-38-40-42.

Michigan Lottery Information

Michigan’s lottery has been around in some form since 1972. The first lottery game in Michigan was the Green Ticket game. By 1974, Michigan was offering official ‘Michigan Lotto’ draws, and Mega Millions entered the state in the mid-90’s.

Lotto 47 began in 2005, and offers two drawings per week, each with a chance to win the $1 million jackpot plus money from all entries.

The odds of winning Lotto 47’s jackpot are about 1 in 11 million, so two people winning it in such close succession is rare.

In 2014, Michigan’s lottery moved online for the first time, offering online lottery gameplay and other online gambling options to players in the state.

Lotto 47 can be played online in Michigan, as can most of the common draw games, with the exception of Daily 3 and Daily 4.