Lottery News Round Up March 19

  • The Iowa and Florida lottery paid out $3 million total in winnings.
  • In Michigan as well $1.5 million in prizes has gone unclaimed.

MIAMI – The lottery news never seems to disappoint whether it is a life-changing prize or unclaimed prizes. Millions of dollars are still at stake making plenty of headlines across the country.

On April 19 alone, there have been two instances of both claimed tickets worth up to $3 million and unclaimed prized worth $1.5 million.

Florida And Iowa Lottery Create Millionaires

Starting down in South Beach Miami in the Florida lottery, a woman played the $10 scratch-off ticket, 50X Cashword, and claimed a $2,000,000 prize.

She bought her ticket at the La Favorite Discount which serves as a legal gambling operator in Calle Ocho. Upon winning the prize, she had the option of taking payments monthly or receiving the lump sum of the money which is what she did.

Overall, she walked away with $1.76 million. The store that sold the ticket also received a $4,000 bonus.

Moving on to the Iowa lottery, a man claimed $1 million from the Megamillions ticket but says it was a mistake.

The player claims to have asked the lottery retailer for five easy-pick plays for the drawing and the clerk accidentally clicked one play.

“I feel like that changed the numbers that I would have gotten if he had put them all on one instead of making that mistake,” said the winner. I scanned it in the car and freaked out and ran back inside. I don’t usually have good luck, so I thought it was a mistake and there was going to be an error. So I Googled the lottery numbers to make sure I had the right ones, and I did!”

After calming down from the realization of his win, the man opted for the lump sum and took home $710,000.

Michigan Gets Unlucky With Two Major Lotto Prizes Going Unclaimed

Taking a look in Michigan, they are suffering from not one, but two potential unclaimed tickets. In Lansing, a player has $150,000 waiting for them after hitting the Powerball.

From the time that the ticket number was announced, they have until April 25 to claim their prize before it rolls over to the following game.

In Warren, Michigan, a $1 million prize has been unclaimed for close to a year since being won on May 5 2021 and time is running out for the winner to step forward.

The winning Powerball ticket was purchased the Warren Market.

This is not the first time that this incident has occurred a Warren Market either. The owner of the store claimed that in the 80s he sold a $3.8 million ticket which was also unclaimed.

Whoever the winner may be, they have up until May 5, 2022, to come and claim their prize.