Virginia Lottery Adds $50 Scratcher, Breaks $2b Win Mark

  • The Virginia Lottery added a $50 scratch off game, $326,000,000 Fortune.
  • Players have collected over $2 billion in online payouts from the Virginia Lottery.
  • The lottery accounted for about 10% of Virginia’s K-12 education budget in FY 2022.

RICHMOND, Va. – With more than 300,000 accounts, the Virginia online lottery has paid more than $2 billion to players. This Virginia Lottery app’s milestone comes in just two years after launching.

Even with paying out that much to players, there are not the only beneficiaries. The Virginia public schools have received $11 billion from the lottery over the years. This comes from the online lottery site as well as the 5,300 lottery retailers in VA.

All lottery profits header to Virginia education. This equated to almost $800 million last fiscal year, roughly 10% of the budget for K-12 schools in Virginia.

Buying Virginia Lottery Tickets Online

The app, which permits users to buy and receive winnings, is open to players 18+. They have over 60 instant win games and have Mega Millions and Powerball offerings.

Someone won a $2 million Powerball playing the lottery in Virginia online. But, the majority of prizes aren’t news-worthy, as only 31 players have won $100,000 or more.

One of the newest additions is a $50 scratcher that started Oct. 4. With $5 million a year as the jackpot, the lottery added another of “the most popular product”.

Named $326,000,000 Fortune, there are three opportunities to win the jackpot. But, with over a million combined tickets paying out $100 and $300, the prizes do not fall short. Winning any prize comes with odds of 1:3.43.

While this is the first $50 in person scratch off, the online lottery offers a few $50 options. Still, the convenience of playing online gives the best customer experience possible.