Arkansas Sportsbooks Handled 77% More September Bets YOY

  • Arkansas sportsbooks handled more bets this September than in 2020.
  • The Oaklawn and Saracen Casino Resort both generated more than $250,000 in revenue.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Arkansas sportsbooks saw their second biggest sports betting month in September, with Arkansas residents betting more than $7 million.

Arkansas Residents Are Betting More Than Ever

September was a good month for Arkansas’s gaming industry overall, with the total gaming and sports betting revenue reported as $5,757,659.00 by The Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration.

Arkansas sportsbooks saw a 77% increase in the amount of money bet on sports in September this year when compared to 2020.

Arkansas September Sports Betting Handle

  • Sep 2021: $7,007,774
  • Sep 2020: $3,958,748

If the rest of the NFL gambling season months see even a quarter less than that, at a 50% increase from last year, Arkansas could see more than $1 million in taxes in a single year for the first time since launching sports betting.

Arkansas Casino And Sportsbook Revenue

The Oaklawn casino sportsbook handled over $2.8 million in September bets alone, making over $250,000 in profit from it.

The Saracen Casino Resort in Pine Bluff made $269,000 in revenue from it $1.3 million handle.

The absence of an online gambling presence has made it a struggle for Arkansas to generate profits comparable to nearby states like Tennessee or Illinois, but this fiscal year may be it’s most profitable one yet.