Best NFL Betting Contests To Join Prior To 2021 Season

  • BetOnline has a $200,000 winner-take-all survivor contest.
  • The Westgate Las Vegas SuperContest has one of the larger payouts.
  • DraftKings has a $4 million prize pool for a season-long pick ‘em contest.

LAS VEGAS - The NFL season sees the most money wagered throughout the season. For those looking for the big payday, entering betting contests offered by sportsbooks can be an intriguing idea.

BetOnline: $200,000 Survivor Contest

Survivor contests are one of the more common NFL pools. Online gambling sites, such as BetOnline, are offering opportunities to play against the rest of the country in a contest for a massive payout.

The $200,000 winner take all tournament follows the basic survivor rules of picking one time to win on the moneyline each week with the catch of never being able to use the same team twice. This brings in the strategy of whether to secure progression by using the Kansas City Chiefs or Tampa Bay Buccaneers early on or save them until later in the year.

The contest offered by BetOnline has a $30 entry fee, but can be entered up to 25 times with a discounted rate. Entries No. 2-5 cost $20, entries No. 6-10 cost $15 and entries 11-25 cost just $10.

It’s a last-man-standing tournament with the winner taking home the grand prize. If the season ends with multiple remaining entries, the prize is then divided evenly.

Westgate Resort SuperContest

The Westgate Resort SuperContest is a season-long contest in which contestants earn points throughout the weeks.

There are three six-week contests that pay out over $170,000 each time and six three-week contests that pay out $105,000 at the conclusion of each period. With a grand total of $1,132,500 dished out through the in-season contests, that isn’t even the main payout.

While each in-season event is happening, contests earn points towards the grand prize which is ultimately determined by the number of entries.

The top 30 entries are paid for the season-long point total. This is one of the more expensive entries offered by the sports betting sites as the entry fee is $1,000 with each contestant being allowed up to three entries.

DraftKings $4 Million Pro Football Pick ‘Em

DraftKings is offering a $4 million pro football pick ‘em contest in which the winner is guaranteed a $1 million grand prize.

For a $1,500 entry fee, contestants will pick five games against the spread for 16 weeks of the NFL season.

Each correct pick is worth a single point with the top 135 point-earners receiving a payout. This is a simple, yet lucrative tournament that could be a good way to make some money betting the NFL season.