Betting on the European Development Championship Season Six

  • The European Development Championship Season six continues on November 10 with Group C matchups, where Ex-Finest has -250 and HONORIS has -250 odds to win.
  • Group D is the final group to kick off for the EDC Group Stage and B8 has -130 odds and SinnerS has -145 odds to move on and grab a playoff spot.
  • Bovada offers live betting for all EDC matchups and even has the option to live stream each event while the Counter Strike live action is unfolding in real-time.

MALTA – The European Development Championship Season six is a global Counter Strike tournament and is currently moving through the Group Stage and there are odds for the winner of each online matchup. Group C kicks off on November 10 and Group D gets started on November 12.

Match Odds for Group C

  • Ex-Finest -250
  • LDLC +185

Match Odds for Group C

  • HONORIS -130
  • Websterz +100

Match Odds for Group D

  • B8 -130
  • Nehmiga Gaming +100

Match Odds for Group D

  • SinnerS -145
  • MASONIC +110

While online Esports gambling sites have the monyeline available for each matchup before they begin, they will also offer live betting odds for the winner of the event. For Esports betting at Bovada, there is a live streaming option that allows every player to watch the event and place wagers on the action.

After the group stage concludes, the sixth season of EDC will move onto the playoff round, where another 16-team knockout format will take place. Two teams from each group will move on to the playoffs and future odds will be generated for each team.

Online gambling sites will have odds for the outright winner as these matchups are set, following the group stage of the event.

Will Group C or Group D have any upsets during EDC?