CDL Stage 5 Major Betting: FaZe, Thieves, Surge/Breach Under

CDL Stage 5 Major

The Atlanta FaZe are 1.5-map favorites against the Las Vegas Legion. A surprising favorite is the LA Thieves, who are favored by 1.5-maps against the Florida Mutineers despite going 0-2 in Week 1. The best bet is for the Seattle Surge and Boston Breach total to go under 4.5 maps with -200 odds. TORONTO – … Read more

Betting on the European Development Championship Season Six

CS:Go European Development Championship

The European Development Championship Season six continues on November 10 with Group C matchups, where Ex-Finest has -250 and HONORIS has -250 odds to win. Group D is the final group to kick off for the EDC Group Stage and B8 has -130 odds and SinnerS has -145 odds to move on and grab a … Read more