Bills, Colts Team Totals Favored In Different Directions

  • The Buffalo Bills team total points is set at 29.5 with -120 odds on the Over.
  • The Indianapolis Colts total points are 20.5 with -125 odds on the Under.

BUFFALO, N.Y. – The Indianapolis Colts will be on the road in Week 11 against the Buffalo Bills. The Bills are looking at a 7.5-point spread in their favor, however, money can also be made betting on the individual team totals.

Online gambling sites have team total odds for the Bills set at 29.5 while the Colts are looking at a 20.5 team total.

Betting On The Bills Team Total

Total Points – Buffalo Bills

  • Over 29.5 -120
  • Under 29.5 -110

Although the Bills are a very explosive team and their NFL odds are favoring them to go Over 29.5 points, the -110 odds on the Under should be heavily considered.

Yes, the Bills have hit Over 29.5 points six times this season, however, five of them came against bottom-11 teams for most points allowed per game. Those teams include the New York Jets (32nd), Houston Texans (29th), Washington Football Team (28th), Miami Dolphins (24th), and Kansas City Chiefs (21st). The only team that they hit the Over against with a semi-decent defense were the Tennessee Titans (15th).

The Colts will be their toughest defensive assignment yet as they are 12th in points allowed per game this season having only allowed Over 29.5 points three times this season. They have kept some notable teams under 29.5 points in the Los Angeles Rams and Tennessee Titans, both of who are top-7 teams for points scored this season.

With that said, taking the long odds here could be a smart bet to make.

Betting On The Colts Team Total

Total Points – Indianapolis Colts

  • Over 20.5 -105
  • Under 20.5 -125

The Colts offense could be seen as underrated at times, especially being that they have a 5-5 record while putting up the eighth-most points per game this season at 26.8. They have also hit Over 20.5 points eight times this season and have hit it in three of their four road games as well.

While the Bills are their toughest matchup yet as they only allow 15 ppg, the Colts are one of their most challenging opponents to date as they are the second-highest scoring team to face Buffalo. The three teams that hit the Over on the Bills include the Tennessee Titans, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Washington Football Team. The Titans were the only top-10 scoring team to play the Bills this season and put up 34 points on them behind Derrick Henry’s three touchdowns.

It is also worth noting that, at the time Derrick Henry was the league leader in rushing yards and rushing touchdowns. The reason this matters is because, Colts running back, Jonathan Taylor, is going into the game as the rushing yard leader and is top-3 in touchdowns this season with nine so far.

That being said, the Colts could take a similar approach as the Titans did and potentially cash their longer odds hitting the Over.