Can Novak Djokovic Accomplish The Golden Slam In 2021?

  • Novak Djokovic has won the Australian Open and the French Open in 2021.
  • With two Grand Slam tournaments left in the year, he could accomplish a Calendar Slam.
  • If he wins them and also the Olympic gold medal, he would accomplish the Golden Slam.

LAS VEGAS - Novak Djokovic overcame Rafael Nadal and Stefanos Tsitsipas in the final rounds of the French Open last week. His victory at the French Open, long Nadal’s territory, raised questions as to whether anyone is possibly on Djokovic’s level this year.

Djokovic could use this year to make his case as the undisputed greatest tennis player of all time.

The 2021 French Open trophy was his 19th Grand Slam victory, leaving him one behind Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.

Earlier in the year, Djokovic won the Australian Open, meaning he’s won both Grand Slam tournaments so far in 2021. With both of his competitors on the downswing at this point, and his dominating performance at the French Open to prove it, Djokovic has a reasonable shot at winning at least three Grand Slams this year.

Novak Djokovic: Number of Grand Slam Wins 2021

  • Exactly 2 +185
  • Exactly 3 -110
  • Exactly 4 +350

In fact, the online sportsbooks have Djokovic as a favorite to win exactly three Grand Slams in 2021, and both two (his current total) and four are fairly decent underdogs.

It’s worth noting that in order for wagers to be valid on this prop, he’ll need to compete in all four Grand Slams, which seems likely at the moment, but things can change quickly in tennis.

Novak Djokovic: To Win All 4 Grand Slam Tournaments In 2021

  • Yes +350
  • No -550

Let’s get into it. Novak Djokovic could be the first men’s tennis player since Rod Laver to achieve the Calendar Slam, winning all four Grand Slam tournaments in a calendar year.

Djokovic was sanguine when asked about the possibility of a Calendar Slam, or even a Golden Slam, adding potential Olympic Gold to the mix.

“Everything is possible, and I did put myself in a good position to go for the Golden Slam”, said Djokovic. “But, you know, I was in this position in 2016 as well. It ended up in a third-round loss in Wimbledon."

Novak Djokovic: To Achieve Golden Slam?

  • Yes +900

A Golden Slam is even rarer than a Calendar Slam, as it requires as a prerequisite accomplishing the Calendar Slam, and then adding an Olympic gold medal in tennis singles.

As of now, Djokovic is not perceived as likely to meet this mark, which makes some sense as it adds a third tournament that he must win. Still, given the run of form he’s on, it’s certainly a wager worth considering for fans of sports betting.