Chicago Bears Have Great Value to be Featured on Hard Knocks.

  • The New York Jets are the heavy favorite to be the 2023 featured team of HBO’s Hard Knocks with -330 odds.
  • The Chicago Bears have the next best odds at +475, with the New Orleans Saints following at +500.
  • The Washington Commanders are the least likely to be featured with +1100 odds.

NEW YORK – Four NFL teams qualify to become the feature of HBO’s Hard Knocks for the 2023 NFL season. The New York Jets are heavily favored to earn this spot with -330 odds, but other qualifying teams have convincing arguments.

The Chicago Bears, New Orleans Saints, and Washington Commanders are the only other NFL teams that qualify for the show because they don’t have a first-year coach, have missed the playoffs in two consecutive seasons, and last appeared on the show over 10 years ago.

Who Will Appear in the 2023 HBO Series Hard Knocks?

  • New York Jets -330
  • Chicago Bears +475
  • New Orleans Saints +500
  • Washington Commanders +1100

New York Jets (-330)

The Jets make the best case to be featured on the show considering they have the best Super Bowl odds out of all the qualifying teams. The probable addition of former two-time MVP Aaron Rodgers and an exciting young core makes the Jets a team that many fans would love to watch.

However, the Jets’ high Super Bowl aspirations are leading players and coaches to be reluctant towards hosting the 2023 edition of HBO’ Hard Knocks. Jets special teams captain Justin Hardee Sr. said on twitter that “yall can give hard knocks to another team man we tryna focus and win that’s a distraction”.

Unfortunately for Hardee and other staff members resistant towards the idea, if the NFL and HBO agree on a team the deal is done. The quarterback controversy and passionate coaching from Robert Saleh makes the Jets plenty deserving of their -330 odds to be featured on the show.

Chicago Bears (+475)

The Chicago Bears are a team with longer odds to consider based on their incredible number of off-season acquisitions. With plenty of new faces and the further development of young quarterback Justin Fields, the Bears worthy of their +475 odds to be featured in HBO’s Hard Knocks.

Aside from spending over $100 million on players in free agency, the Bears best argument is they have never been featured on the show despite their storied history. The New York Jets were most recently on Hard Knocks in 2010.

The Chicago Bears and the Arizona Cardinals are the only current franchises that have been around since the first year of the NFL. With HBO’s Hard Knocks featuring two teams per season since 2020, the Bears have great value at +475 to be one of the featured teams.

New Orleans Saints (+500)

The New Orleans Saints Hard Knocks odds are being incredibly overvalued by online gambling sites as they have far fewer entertaining qualities for similar odds as the Chicago Bears.

The Saints don’t have much going for them aside from their newly signed quarterback in Derek Carr. The Saints +500 odds to be featured on HBO’s Hard Knocks are worthy of a fade.

Washington Commanders (+1100)

The Washington Commanders are the opposite of the New Orleans Saints, as they are being undervalued by the books. The Commanders have plenty of entertaining qualities, such as Dan Snyder selling the team after 24 years, a new offensive coordinator in Eric Bieniemy, and a quarterback battle between young talent.

The Jets -330 odds imply they will be claiming one of the Hard Knocks spots, but the other is likely between the Washington Commanders and the Chicago Bears. Although the Bears arguably have the better roster, the Commanders value at +1100 to be featured on the show is undeniable.