Christmas Poker Contest at BetOnline Still Accepting Players

  • BetOnline is offering a free promotion, with players still able to enter to win part of $10,000 during their 25 Days of Poker promotion.
  • Entry is free to the contest, with players able to earn their share of $2,000 per day throughout the Holidays.

NEW YORK - BetOnline has 10K left on the table for players in their 25 Days of Poker promotion.

The 25 Days of Poker Rewards originally gave players the chance to win part of $50,000, with the popular online poker gambling site giving 2K away per day.

Payout Structure of the 25 Days of Poker

Each day of the Christmas poker promotion at BetOnline has the same payout structure, it results in the top 100 players all getting paid.

Payouts range from $50 to $10 based on where players are placed:

  • Position 1-10: $50 Prize
  • Position 11-50: $25 Prize
  • Position 51-100: $10 Prize

How to Join the 25 Days of Poker

To play in this Christmas promotion at BetOnline players must complete two steps:

  • Select "My Missions" if on the Desktop/"Contests" if on the mobile poker site.
  • Opt-in to the contest, with players now having the ability to track their progress.

Once players have joined the mission, they will find four different types of contests.

The contests allow players to earn points daily, with a minimum of three points necessary to partake in the nightly random contest for their share of $2,000.

To get those three points players have to play a combination of one and two-point games:

  • One Point: Sit & Goes, Windfalls, Tournaments
  • Two Points: Cash Games

After getting three points, players will then get automatically entered into the All-In Poker Shootout contest of $2,000 where players will automatically go all-in on each hand until 100 players are left.

The popular online gambling site does not require players to partake in their shootout contest at the end, as BetOnline will automatically enter the contest for the player and let them know how they finished the next day.

Are you joining BetOnline’s 25 Days of Poker Promotion?