Coyotes Partner With Meruelo Gaming To Open Online Sportsbook

  • The Arizona Coyotes are partnering with Meruelo Gaming to open a sportsbook digitally.
  • Other sports entities in the state have focused on in-stadium betting.
  • Meruelo Gaming is a company owned by Coyotes owner Alex Meruelo.

GLENDALE, Ariz. - The Arizona Coyotes have partnered with Meruelo Gaming in order to offer sports betting in Arizona - with a twist.

The twist? It will be an online and digital sports betting platform known as SaharaBets.

The Coyotes were the one major professional sports franchise in Arizona without a sports betting partner before this announcement.

This fact prompted speculation that the Coyotes could be looking at moving away from Arizona, hence the lack of rush in finding a sports betting partner.

Under Arizona’s new sports betting law, the major sports teams are allowed to offer sports betting, and the Coyotes will be the latest - and last - team to take advantage of it.

Most other sporting entities have worked towards developing in-stadium sports betting, but the Coyotes took the project in a different direction.

The Coyotes, will use SaharaBets in order to open a digital sportsbook, in partnership with Meruelo Gaming, owned by Coyotes owner Alex Meruelo.

Meruelo Gaming is affiliated with Meruelo’s casinos in Nevada, the SAHARA Las Vegas and Grand Sierra Resort in Reno.

Intriguingly, the fact that they’re working to create this digital plan means that the Coyotes could still move - they will be launching their app in Arizona, but plan to move into other states.

This means that the Coyotes could still move and keep their online gambling app - and associated revenues - going.

Coyotes And SaharaBets Overjoyed At Concept

Coyotes president and CEO Xavier Gutierrez praised the deal, claiming that it would offer unique and incredible experiences.

“The Coyotes are dedicated to providing innovative and entertaining experiences for our great fans,” Gutierrez said. “Our partnership with SaharaBets will offer next-level gaming experiences for fans who want to unleash their competitive spirit.”

SaharaBets president Andrew Patterson said of their prospective customer base:

"What experiences can they gain by being a SaharaBets customer that really drive them to engage with the team in a different way and with the application, different than what you might get from other operators in the state."

It remains unclear how the state of Arizona will handle this move by the Coyotes, as well as the potential for Meruelo to control both the team and the sportsbook associated with them.