Daniel Negreanu Beats Doug Polk in Opening 200 Hands, Will Play Again

  • The Opening 200 was won handily by Daniel Negreanu in the online Poker tournament against Doug Polk.
  • Negreanu started off and ended strong leaving Polk’s final loss at $117,000.
  • The tournament continues on Friday at 2:30 pm and fans can watch on the WSOP.com.

LAS VEGAS - The first 200 of the twenty-five thousand hands of heads-u $200/$400 No-Limit Texas Hold ’em was played on Wednesday between Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk.

This anticipated match between the two was played at the PokerGO Studio in Las Vegas with tens of thousands of Poker fans tuned in on the various media platforms of Poker Central.

When the online poker tournament was agreed upon back in August, the sportsbooks had Polk as the favorite to win but this match did not go in his favor at all.

Negreanu beat Polk after starting strong and finished with dominance in an intense and entertaining battle. Negreanu jumped to an immediate lead and only a few hands later, Polk found himself in a hole of $30,000.

Polk did have big moments in the match and on the 127th hand, he made a big flush which gave him a lead in the battle but that did not last long.

"What can I say?" said Polk. "I had some spots to bluff that I thought were good, and they weren't. I thought he played a couple nice lines that panned out. I thought he played fine, he played well."

The last 70 hands went to Negreanu and Polk ended up having his most costly blow of the game by bluffing off almost $55,000 into Negreanu’s trips. Polk booked a loss of $117,000 at the end of the match giving this battle all to Negreanu.

"I know that we've got a long road ahead and we're gonna be walking into his arena," said Negreanu. "Felt like I played well, I executed my strategy and it worked out as good as it could."

USA Online gamblers can watch as the Poker tournament continue virtually on WSOP.com and the next match is set for Friday at 2:30 pm P.T.