Do Odds Have Zion Williamson Playing In 2021?

  • Zion Williamson has suffered two injury setbacks but is favored to play a game this season with -220 odds.

NEW ORLEANS – The NBA season is still in the beginning stages and already the New Orleans Pelicans are gasping for air with the third-worst record in the league at 8-21. Not only does this have to do with the way they are playing, but also with the absence of Zion Williamson.

There have been ongoing rumors about Zion’s rehabilitation and his status with the team which has led online betting sites to list odds on if he will play this season.

Will Zion Williamson Play In 2021-22?

  • Yes -220
  • No +155

What's Going On?

In the offseason, while getting ready for the 2021-22 campaign, Williamson broke his right foot and needed surgery to repair it. Not only did he push off having the surgery, but once he got the procedure done,he suffered a major setback as a recent MRI showed regression in the healing of the bone during the rehabilitation period.

Williamson was actually cleared for full contact activities in November which could have been the reason for the reaggravation of the injury.

Being that Williamson is the core of this young Pelicans team, the team could be cautious in bringing him back this season as it could put his full potential in jeopardy as well as the future of the team.

Bumps In The Road

Injuries aside, there have also been reports of Williamson and his family not being happy in New Orleans and possibly wanting out. Not too much has come from these reports being that the Pelicans still hold him under contract until the 2023-24 season where he can become a restricted free agent.

However, the fact that Williamson held off getting surgery on his foot could be an indication that he was attempting to sit out as long as possible due to his relationship with the team.

Relating to Williamson’s rumors of not wanting to be in NOLA, is that his former teammate, J.J. Redick, had this to say about the organization upon being traded.

“Truthfully ... I think I was a little naive thinking I was in Year 15 and I attempted to do things right throughout my career. But in terms of this front office, yeah, it's not something where I would expect certainly the agents who worked on this with me to ever trust that front office again,” said Redick on his podcast.

Apparently, this was enough for Williamson and company to start thinking about the organization and the direction of the team. In terms of the NBA odds on if he will play or not this season, although they are in favor of him playing, the longer odds should not be left alone considering all that is going on.