Doug Polk Dominates Daniel Negreanu In Session 3 Of Poker Duel

  • The third round of the poker tournament between Doug Polk and Daniel Negreanu has ended and Polk has taken over the last two rounds.
  • After Negreanu dominated Polk in the live match up, Polk has upped his game and now has won $268,031.
  • The next round of hands will be on Wednesday and fans can watch on

LAS VEGAS - After a slow start, Doug Polk has begun to take over this poker tournament as he leads the challenge by $101,792 after the last two online rounds against his rival Daniel Negreanu.

The two have just finished their third round of this battling to settle their difference in a two-table duel of potentially 25,000 hands at $200/$400 HUNL that could prove to be very costly for the players.

The first round of the tournament was live in Las Vegas where Negreanu dominated the Opening 200 hands that left Polk’s final loss at $117,000. The rest of the round will be played online and the tide has turned in Polk’s direction ever since the switch.

Polk has been crushing in the online gambling rounds starting off with a $218,292 profit win on Friday in the second round and winning $166,239 in the next round.

Now through 1006 hands, Polk is up to $268,031 partly because of some debatable decision by Negreanu but he is not really to fully evaluate his performance with more rounds to go.

“At the end of the challenge I’ll give my thoughts on Negreanu's play,” said Polk “but until then not going to say much. I will say he is obviously running bad in a bunch of standard cooler spots. His game does have some issues though. I will say this though, just cause the number is big doesn’t mean Dnegs is down that much. He is down a little under 7 buy-ins. That is a completely normal result over 1k hands of hunl.”

The tournament will continue on Wednesday at 2:30 p.m. EST for fans to watch at to see if Negreanu can in fact turn this around for himself.