Europa League Final Betting: Manchester United vs. Villareal

  • Manchester United and Villareal face off in the final of the Europa League.
  • The final kicks off at 3:00 p.m. EST on Wednesday.
  • Manchester United has -110 odds to win the matchup on the three way moneyline.

LAS VEGAS - The final of the Europa League will take place at 3:00 p.m. EST, and feature a clash between Manchester United and Villareal.

The matchup is an important one for both teams, with United chasing their first trophy since 2017, and Villareal looking to build on a great Europa League run.

Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer did not mince words about the importance of this final to his team.

"You go into every game as the next one is the most important one," said Solskjaer . "You can define the season after tomorrow. So far we've improved but we'll only all go home happy if we win."

As for Villareal’s Unai Emery, his pride in his club was evident, as was his desire to see them take home the trophy.

“We’re proud and we want to take one more step,” said Emery. “This is a credible and recognisable project. It’s a stable project, which has had great moments. It’s designed to do important things. The club has broken through barriers in recent years. This season, we’ve broken through the semi-final ceiling. We’re proud, but we are responsible and want to take a step forward. We want to win the competition.”

With both teams raring to go, the online sportsbooks have Manchester United as favorites.

Europa League Final Odds - Three Way Moneyline

  • Villareal +310
  • Manchester United -110
  • Draw +245

Manchester United are outright favorites on the three way moneyline, with -110 odds to take home the victory outright. A draw has +245 odds, making it a bit more likely, in the eyes of the sportsbooks, than a Villareal victory.

It’s true that Manchester United has far more talent than Villareal, and that they are expected to win the matchup. These odds are quite in their favor, however, and that could give some sports bettors pause when wagering on them.

Europa League Final Odds - Spread

  • Villareal +0.5 (-110)
  • Manchester United -0.5 (-110)

The spread seems fairly reasonable - it’s an exact split with United favored by half a goal. Villareal have been counted out all season, but the fact that they’ve kept winning is not evidence that they will continue to do so. Still, they’re definitely a feisty underdog, and their odds are fairly reasonable considering that.

Take it from Unai Emery, speaking about his team:

“We’ve been a trusty team, with good solutions. They can feel like they are favourites, with the opportunity to beat anyone, but we have chances to win the final.”