Reality Star Ray J Wins $17k On Penny Slot Jackpot

  • Ray J won 17k in a jackpot on the penny slots at San Manuel Casino.
  • He apparently plunked down $100 on penny slots before winning.
  • Ray J is one of the most highly paid people on the planet.

LAS VEGAS - R&B legend/reality star Ray J hit a 17k jackpot on a penny slot machine when playing slots in L.A. county, per TMZ.

The game Ray J was playing was called “Buffalo”, a fairly well known slot machine style of game, and clearly it worked out for him.

Ray J was playing at the San Manuel Casino, and gathered a crowd around him as he played, which watched him hit the jackpot.

Ray J, of course, does not need this money at all - producer David Weintraub recently claimed that Ray J was the highest paid man in reality TV.

“He’s the highest-paid male nonscripted star in the entire scope worldwide of the television business,” said Weintraub.

Ray J also cofounded Raycon, whose premier product is wireless earbuds, in competition with Apple AirPods and others in that space.

In other words, he’s already doing quite well for himself, but nobody turns down 17k on the penny slots.

Ray J apparently put down $100 on spins on the penny slot machines at the San Manuel Casino, so he definitely understands the value of having multiple attempts.

TMZ noted that Ray J was playing the penny slots due to considering himself an old man - and old people play the slots.

Ray J is 40 years old, so that’s a matter of perception.

Still, congratulations to Ray J, proving to online gamblers that even big stars play the penny slots - and win!