Gambling Crime News Roundup: Sheriff’s Raids & Scratch Offs

  • Gambling and crime are still linked despite the increased prevalence of legal gambling options.
  • The San Antonio Sheriff’s department confiscated 42 gambling machines.
  • Two Brits were found guilty of using a stolen debit card to purchase lottery scratchers.

SAN ANTONIO, Texas - Gambling and crime have often been associated, in no small part due to the commonly illegal nature of many gambling locations.

Even though legal online gambling continues to grow in popularity, some still are convinced that illegal gambling is a good idea. This gambling crime roundup will serve to note all the weird ways in which gambling and crime still link together.

San Antonio Gambling Bust

Dozens were detained by the Bexar County Sheriff's Organized Crime Group in San Antonio as a gambling operation was busted.

While dozens were detained, only four are going to jail, according to Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar.

Those going to jail are charged with various gambling-related crimes as well as occasional drug charges. The bust managed to acquire only $3,000, but the Sheriff’s office did confiscate more than 40 gambling machines.

British Lottery Identity Theft

Two men were jailed in England for using a stolen debit card to purchase lottery scratchers that ended up winning.

Jon Watson and Mark Goodram both admitted fraud and accepted sentences of 18 months in jail after they used a stolen card to buy lottery tickets.

Fortunately - or unfortunately - one of those lottery tickets hit a jackpot, and they attempted to cash it in. In the process of doing so, they admitted that they didn’t have a bank account - which immediately sent up alarms, since the scratcher was purchased with a debit card.

"Despite knowing you had fraudulently acquired that prize money, you tried to claim it,” said Recorder (the British equivalent for circuit judge) Sarah Johnson. I have no doubt that both of you will continue to offend in dishonest ways in the future."