Man Arrested For Cashing Counterfeit Chips At Las Vegas Casinos

Casino Chips

Gratis Woolen Jr. faces 14 felonies for attempting to cash in counterfeit chips at Las Vegas casinos. Woolen and another woman presented counterfeit chips at multiple gaming establishments. Police responded to a disturbance at a motel involving Woolen on April 10, where they discovered warrants for his arrest. LAS VEGAS – Las Vegas police arrested … Read more

Gambling Crime News Roundup: Sheriff’s Raids & Scratch Offs

Gambling Crime News

Gambling and crime are still linked despite the increased prevalence of legal gambling options. The San Antonio Sheriff’s department confiscated 42 gambling machines. Two Brits were found guilty of using a stolen debit card to purchase lottery scratchers. SAN ANTONIO, Texas – Gambling and crime have often been associated, in no small part due to … Read more

Two Major Arrests Were Made For Illegal Gambling Activity

A cryptocurrency betting ring was discovered and shut down by Vietnamese authorities An illegal gambling room was shut down in Honolulu, and a dozen gambling machines were seized. LAS VEGAS – As with any rapidly growing market, the massive boom in the worldwide gambling industry has attracted attempts to capitalize on it in an illegal … Read more

What Is The Future Of Macau’s Gambling Economy?


Alvin Chau’s arrest has caused various knock-on effects even after his resignation. China is working with the government of Macau to resolve the situation and guide the process forward. Many seem to be pushing for Macau to diversify from its gambling and tourism oriented economy. MACAU – The arrest of Alvin Chau has sent shockwaves … Read more

In Macau, An Arrest Sends Casino Stocks Spiraling

Alvin Chau

Multiple arrests in Macau have caused consternation in the stock market. Alvin Chau, head of Suncity Group, is accused of cross-border gambling. Suncity is famous for organizing junket tourism for the purposes of gambling. MACAU – Multiple people have been arrested for alleged money laundering and cross-border gambling in Macau. Alvin Chau, a prominent gambling figure … Read more

California Casino Will Pay DoJ $500,000 To Settle Probe

Bicycle Hotel & Casino

The Bicycle Hotel & Casino will pay $500,000 to the Department of Justice. This payment is due to the casino allowing incorrect suspicious activity reports to be filed. Over the course of eight months, the casino had a customer handle over $100 million, and reported them incorrectly. BELL GARDENS, Calif. – The Bicycle Hotel & … Read more