Rideau Carleton Raceway Gets Hit With 36 Gambling Violations

Rideau Carleton Raceway

The Rideau Carleton Raceway has been fined $227,250 (CAD) for alleged violations of gambling regulations. These violations did not involve the integrity of their slot machines, but instead their internal issues. The Raceway allegedly advertised to people on the self-exclusion list, and did not have proper money laundering protections in place. TORONTO – Rideau Carleton … Read more

Gambling Crime Roundup 4/8/2022: Crime And Punishment

Gambling Crime Roundup

One gambler got his bail revoked by taking to social media too quickly. Two cheaters pled guilty to running a scheme to scam a casino. An illegal gambling ring was shut down in Rialto, CA. LAS VEGAS – Gambling and crime are often linked by both media and criminals themselves, who continually commit gambling-related crimes. … Read more

New Jersey Man Steals Identities, Opens 1800 Online Gambling Accounts

Sportsbook Account Identity Theft

A New Jersey man stole identities to open more than 1800 online gambling accounts. The man also committed other financial crimes, such as fraudulently applying for unemployment. Police arrested the man on May 14, 2021. AUDOBON, N.J. – A New Jersey man is accused of stealing identities to open more than 1800 online gambling accounts. … Read more

Online Bingo Facebook Scam Lands Florida Couple In Behind Bars

Online Bingo Facebook Scam

Deget Lane and Dexter Rhodes were arrested for running an illegal online bingo scheme via Facebook. The couple face over 300 counts of illegally conducting an unsanctioned lottery. Bail has been set at $1,000 per count for Lane. HAINES CITY, Fla. – An interesting twist in the online bingo world has occurred, as a Florida … Read more