Vegas Man Robs Casino With Note, Is Swiftly Apprehended

  • A Las Vegas Man robbed a casino cage for $10,000 in chips.
  • The man was swiftly apprehended via a combination of silent alarm systems and surveillance.
  • He is expected to appear in court in June 14, 2021.

LAS VEGAS - A Las Vegas man has been arrested after robbing a casino cage with a threatening note.

Ronald Allison, 51, walked up to a cage clerk at The Cosmopolitan with a note that said “Give me 10k purple or Boom”, according to police.

The note was complied with by the clerk, who provided the chips, placing them into a duffel bag provided by Allison.

At the same time, however, the teller hit the silent alarm, triggering an alert that would later lead to Allison’s capture.

Video surveillance technology tracked Allison on his journey out of the casino, as he switched clothes, changing into an Indiana Pacers jersey.

Just like the Pacers, however, Allison didn’t last long in the big time - he was caught after he reached the Waldorf Astoria.

This does not seem to have been the well thought out plan of a casino heistmaster, but rather a crime committed out of desperation.

Allison was described as a transient by the police, according to the Las Vegas Review Journal.

In addition, according to the Las Vegas Sun, Allison’s case does not have an attorney on record yet, indicating potential inability to hire one.

Allison did not have the note used in the robbery when police caught him, and police claim that he admitted to burning it on the walk over.

The police report also claims that Allison confessed to the crime, which should make his upcoming court appearance relatively quick.