GGPoker Temporary Player Ban Lift Causes Criticism From Pros

  • The GGPoker has officially announced a temporary window for banned pros to get unbanned.
  • This get out of jail free card was a direct response to the controversy surrounding the banning of professional poker player Tobias Duthweiler.
  • Many pros have spoken out against the ban lift.

WILLEMSTAD, Curacao – A recent controversy has occurred in the professional online poker world as GGPoker announces a temporary opportunity for banned players to be reinstated.

This comes following the banning of popular poker pro Tobias Duthweiler a few weeks ago, leading to several debates in the community.

Many professional players are against the idea of reinstating the banned pros, leading to GGPoker being stuck regardless of what they do.

Banned Players May Return

The world of online poker is an intense and competitive one and the situation with GGPoker and banned pros is a prime example of how intense things can get.

Tobias Duthweiler was banned originally from the GGNetwork skin Natural8 in 2016 for violating the network security and ecology agreement by bumhunting, the practice of taking a seat at an online poker table, and refusing to play opponents who aren’t weak.

In 2019, Duthweiler made an account for Bestpoker, another GGNetwork affiliate poker site. He would go on to leave Bestpoker due to the lack of high stakes poker options.

In 2020, Duthweiler would again make an account at a GGNetwork skin, this time Betkings which would fold into GGPoker later in the year.

Dutweiler deposited $50,000 into his GGPoker account and managed to win $180,000 when he went to collect his earnings and submitted his ID, the company realized he was already banned from 2016 and confiscated his winnings.

The GGNetwork would go on to refund him his original $50,000 deposit. This banning lead to major discussions in the poker world about the handling of the situation.

Popular professional poker player Fedor Holz would take to his twitter to address the Duthweiler situation.

That leads us to the latest development, with the new program to reinstate professional poker players who have been banned, GGPoker has broken professional players into three categories. Those being Good Pros, Regular Pros, and Bad Pros.

Many pros dislike the idea of GGPoker categorizing players based on the site's own measure of what makes a pro Good, Regular, or Bad.

Players are also against the idea of lumping pros who partaking in bumhunting with other more egregious transgressions like cheating.

For now, the online gambling site still plans to roll out the temporary ban lift program. Players like Duthweiler have not announced if they will return to the poker site or not.