How Technology is Advancing Online Gambling Sites

  • The Metaverse will be the next focus for online gambling sites to take charge of.
  • With artificial intelligence, gambling sites can market their product cheaper.
  • Biometrics will keep the right person betting on their own account and can also adjust play.

CHICAGOOnline casino gambling and technology go hand in hand. As one product advances, so does the other.

With a large focus on player acquisition, security, and overall experience, online gambling sites are using more modern technology than ever in their games. Some only utilize one or a few options on this list, while others are jumping into the deep end.

Technologies Advancing Online Gambling

Progressive Web Applications – Adapting to a mobile-friendly environment, the use of PWAs is skyrocketing. This term, opposite of native mobile applications, is a fancy way to say online gambling sites do not require an app.

The benefits come by both gambling site and user. By not going through the app store, sites are able to provide a seamless experience without the need to take up storage space on a phone. Aside from push notifications to keep engagement, PWAs also allow for a quicker loading speed on all games.

Metaverse/Virtual Reality – While the metaverse is a topic that is still unknown to many, it has already seen its benefits in the online gambling sector. In fact, the ICE Poker virtual casino in Decentraland made over $7.5 million in revenue during a three-month span.

The bringing people together is an obvious focus. Ice Poker, for example, cold have 1,000 users in a poker room at time. But another aspect of metaverse casinos is user experience. Seeing how a player interacts with the casino only provides more data for the metaverse to modify moving forward.

By using 3D cameras, players can enter themselves into a virtual casino, sitting “next to” other users with the same setups. Just as how virtual sports betting came to be, online casino sites expect to be next.

Artificial Intelligence – Working hand in hand with the metaverse, artificial intelligence also has a role in online gambling. However, this focus tends to be more beneficial to the gambling site than the user. Able to target an audience easier, AI helps gambling sites market their products to interested consumers, with limited costs.

The AI software will track a user, providing details on the player’s history and gambling style. This allows AI to in turn display promotions and benefits that most associate with the user.

Biometric Advancements – With the smartphone advanced methods of unlocking personal data with biometric scanners. Computers and televisions have been able to understand our voices for decades. But, an online casino understanding your voice is a different story. Voice recognition software was made from the visually impaired, but this also adds an ease of use to not having to press any buttons.

Like voice control, gesture and facial recognition are also on the next stages of online gambling. Aside from a Kinect or Wii, which details player movement, online gambling sites are interested in these aspects too. By seeing their users’ reactions, it can allow the casino to modify gameplay in order to create a neutral site. For example, gesture recognition may permit a blackjack player to slide their hand to “stay” rather than having to click a button.

This technology is also useful for detecting fraudulent players or accounts.

Cryptocurrency And Blockchain – Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies aren’t new to the online gambling scene. Still, crypto is a topic of interest that still expands.

Crypto is great for both maker and consumer. Not only can money be transferred instantly, but no personal data is required. Also, hacking the blockchain is impossible, permitting a safer play experience on both sides.

This technology can also help track a user’s bets. This in turn can help bettors learn about their habits, as well as keep the crypto gambling sites honest about their payout percentages.