iLottery Betting Options Helping Retail Lotto Locations

  • Online gambling options such as the iLottery have shown to help, not hurt, retail betting options.
  • The iLottery has enhanced player experience through ease of purchase, rewards clubs, and online ticket cashing.

BOSTON – Recent studies have shown that iLottery sales do not negatively affect retail lottery options.

In fact, many iLottery experts have stated that retail lottery stores actually benefit from iLottery sales.

How The iLottery Effects Retail Lottery Shops

There has long been a push back by lawmakers that iLottery sales would have a direct correlation to a fall in retail lottery sales. That has proven to be untrue as data now supports the exact opposite.

One way that iLottery officials say that they avoid impeding on retail lottery shops is through their player base.

iLottery players fall under a much different age demographic then retail lottery consumers. Studies suggest that iLottery players are much younger, on average about 10 years younger. About 40% of iLottery players are 40 years or younger.

Benefits Of The iLottery

The iLottery does not work strictly as a separate business from individual state lotteries. One of the main selling points to consumers, retailers, and lawmakers alike is their ability to work together to create a better product.

Not only is it now easier to buy lottery tickets, but players can easily enter second-chance contests. In states such as Michigan, players can actually buy tickets in-store and have the ticket immediately posted to their account online when they purchase with their lottery card.

Once those tickets are purchased and then posted into their account, the process to enter any tickets into second-chance contests (or any other additional promotion) is made much easier.

Another popular feature involved with iLottery gambling is the opportunity to offer rewards points to frequent customers. This classic marketing endeavor allows players to track points and partake in activities based on their level of activity.

The third, and arguably the most popular feature of the iLottery is the ability to directly deposit winnings into only currencies.

Winners can use the online collection features regardless of where they purchased their ticket, as long as they are in an iLottery state.