Indiana Inching Closer To Legalizing iGaming In 2021

  • IN HB 1406 was introduced to the state legislature to legalize iGaming in Indiana.
  • Online sports betting in Indiana is already legal and has been thriving since its launch.

INDIANAPOLIS—Lawmakers in Indiana have been flirting with the idea of online casino gaming for some time now. The wait for iGaming in Indiana could potentially be over soon as a new bill has been introduced that would allow land-based casinos to offer iGaming.

The bill that was introduced, HB 1406, would allow for land-based casinos in Indiana to partner up with three different iGaming companies and offer online gambling.

Indiana has already allowed for legal online and land-based sports betting to take place in the state, so the introduced bill has some similarities to that.

Also, sports betting has been overly profitable in Indiana as well as they have pulled in a $313.1 million handle in just the month of December alone. Of course, there is a 9.5% tax on all sports betting revenue, but nevertheless, Indiana has shown a profit in both land-based and online sports betting.

With that being said, the Hoosier state can make even more money if they were to expand their USA online gambling marketplace as well. Projections on the introduced bill have the state making between $42.9 and $85.8 million by the 2026 fiscal year. Also, on the bill is the projected tax rate for online gaming which is set at 18%.

Other states that already have legalized online gaming, like Pennsylvania, have proven that serious revenue can be made from this market. They have pulled in a handle of over $1.8 million every month since July and that is with their iGaming industry being taxed at around 15% each month.

By seeing the amount of revenue that other states have generated from online gaming and also the amount of revenue that Indiana has brought in from their sports betting market, it would be hard to see the state not going through with the proposed bill.