Indiana Online Gambling Bills Add Online Poker Before Session

  • A new online gambling bill in Indiana has added online poker ahead of the legislative session vote.
  • Online sports betting is already legal in the Indiana lawbooks.
  • The new bill will allow up to three online casinos per operator.

INDIANAPOLIS – Local Indiana gamblers may also be able to gamble online poker should the new bills being presented to the House and Senate be approved.

Online poker and other casino games are going to be presented to the state legislature in an upcoming legislative session. Online sports betting is already legal in the Hoosier State, which may help lawmakers present a compelling argument.

Should the bills be approved, then online gambling in Indiana would become a reality in 2021.

Online Poker In Indiana

The USA online poker scene is one of the biggest draws for online casino players. This is why it makes sense for lawmakers to want to add online gambling to the bills being presented to the legislation.

HB 1406 and SB 417 will be presented to the House and Senate respectively. One of these bills needs to be approved for online casino gambling to become legal.

The identical bills allow three online casinos per operator with the state collecting 18% of revenue in taxes. There are 14 casinos and race tracks in Indiana that are authorized to launch online casino gaming and online poker should be approved.

There will also be an initial $100,000 fee that operators are required to pay, followed by a $25,000 annual renewal fee.

The taxes collected from the online casinos will be divided into local municipalities as well as used to fund gambling addiction services.

Per the bills, the Indiana Gaming Commission will be in charge of online gambling in the state.

The main force behind the push for launching online casino gambling in Indiana is due to the 72.9% decrease in revenue suffered in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In order to recoup some of the losses, lawmakers and supporters of the bill believe that online gambling will be the main source.

Indiana gamblers have already embraced online sports betting, which may indicate that USA online gambling will be a success in the Hoosier State.