Iowa Gambling Market To See Changes For Sportsbooks, Casinos

  • Iowa’s House and Senate have passed HF 2497, a bill to change their gambling market.
  • New wagers will be available at Iowa sportsbooks if the bill is signed by Gov. Kim Reynolds.
  • The bill also involves a two year moratorium on Iowa casino expansion.

DES MOINES, Iowa – Iowa will see changes to their gambling market after HF 2497 passed the Iowa House and Senate with flying colors. The bill passed the Senate 35-11, and passed the House with 60 votes for and 23 against to reach the desk of Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds.

Reynolds is expected to sign the bill, with no veto indications given.

What Changes For Iowa Sports Betting?

The bill expands the type of online gambling wagers that Iowa’s state-regulated sportsbooks are able to offer. While offshore sportsbooks have no such restrictions, Iowa’s bettors have been unable to wager on certain sports related bets at the state-regulated books.

Two types of wagers were specifically allowed because of HF 2497  – wagers on sports drafts and wagers on sporting awards.

Notably, the issues have to be sports related – you can’t bet on the Oscars, but you can bet on the NBA MVP.

What Changes For Iowa Gambling?

There are two major non-sports-betting related changes to Iowa’s gambling laws that will occur if this bill is signed by the Governor.

First, greyhound racing will be phased out in terms of the ability to confer licenses. Pari-mutuel gambling licenses can only be conferred via partnership with the Iowa Horsemen’s Benevolent And Protective Association now.

Second, the bill places a moratorium on the construction of new casinos in Iowa, over a period that will last two years.

This seems to be in response to plans for a casino to open up in Cedar Rapids, which will now have to wait for several years while the moratorium is in place. Unlike with sports betting, no additional gambling types were approved, leaving the Iowa casino experience much the same as it has been.