Michigan Expands Poker Players, Joins With DE, NJ, NV

  • Michigan poker players will be able to play with those in several other states.
  • The Michigan Gaming Control Board announced that it will enter a compact involving Delaware, New Jersey and Nevada.
  • There will be WSOP events in Michigan starting in June.

DETROIT – The Michigan Gaming Control Board announced plans to allow poker players in Michigan to play with those in other states.

For years now, poker across state lines has been limited to online gambling websites located outside of the US and the few states that have joined in a gaming compact.

Before the Michigan announcement, the compact included only Delaware, New Jersey and Nevada.

It’s not a coincidence that these are three of the states that are toughest on offshore websites like Bovada that offer online poker to players in the US with no state-line restrictions.

Michigan Gaming Control Board Executive Director Henry Williams spoke of both the benefits to Michigan and the benefits to the compact.

“I am happy to announce Michigan has joined the multistate poker compact, and much of the increased tax revenue from multistate poker will go to support K-12 education in Michigan,” Williams said. “By joining, Michigan will almost double the potential pool of participants in multistate poker games.”

WSOP Comes To MI

This opens up the possibility for Michigan stops on the World Series of Poker Tour – and the WSOP has already made plans for a Michigan bracelet series. The first event in Michigan takes place on June 5, and now that Michigan has entered the compact, there is some potential for joined events in the future.

At time of writing, the event is still scheduled to be exclusive to players in Michigan.

There are a planned eight World Series of Poker events in Michigan, and they will run on Sundays from June 5 through July 17. There will be one additional event on July 16, and an online bracelet championship on July 10.