Live Dealer Casinos Expanding In Michigan, West Virginia

  • Michigan will see a new live dealer studio in partnership between BetMGM and Evolution.
  • BetMGM already handles 39% of Michigan’s iGaming market.
  • West Virginians now have access to live dealer iGaming via DraftKings and BetRivers.

DETROIT – Live dealer gaming is set to be expanded in the states of Michigan and West Virginia.

While many turn to online sportsbooks for live dealer gaming, those in Michigan and West Virginia will no longer have to.

In Michigan, BetMGM is opening a new live dealer studio, which comes on the back of the live dealer games already offered in the state. In West Virginia, DraftKings has expanded their iGaming offerings to include live dealer games on their app in WV.

Michigan Gets New Live Dealer Studio

While bettors in Michigan have often had access to live dealer games from both the state-regulated sportsbooks and the online sportsbooks, they now have access to another option.

BetMGM has partnered with Evolution in order to open a new studio, which they claim will cement their status as the market leader in Michigan.

“This beautiful, new studio enhances BetMGM’s live casino experience in Michigan and deepens our partnership with Evolution,” said Oliver Bartlett, Director of Gaming, BetMGM. “Inspired by the MGM Resorts brand, the studio is adorned with the iconic golden lion and the familiar black and gold BetMGM color scheme. We’re confident that it will amplify our market-leading casino offering in Michigan.”

BetMGM currently handles 39% of Michigan’s iGaming market according to their own press release, which would in fact make them the current market leader in MI.

West Virginia Gets Live Dealer On DK App

Friday saw DraftKings launch live dealer games on their DraftKings App in West Virginia.

Previously, only one app in the state-regulated market offered live dealer games, which often sent players scurrying to online sportsbooks.

That other app is BetRivers, which only began offering live dealer games this month. It remains to be seen if other state-regulated iGaming providers will follow the lead of BetRivers and DraftKings in West Virginia.

This expansion also brought a DraftKings exclusive game to WV, known as Rocket. Rocket is an animated game in which bettors wager on when a digital rocket will launch and land.

It might strike some bettors as similar to either historic horse racing or virtual horse racing, but with a different virtual object.