NFL Divisional Odds Betting Breakdown And Analysis

  • Divisional favorites include: the Buffalo Bills, Baltimore Ravens, Indianapolis Colts, Kansas City Chiefs, Dallas Cowboys, Green Bay Packers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Los Angeles Rams.
  • The Buccaneers are by far the biggest divisional favorite, with -325 odds to win the NFC South.

LAS VEGAS – NFL divisional odds are out and online sportsbooks have made it clear who the favorites in each division are.

AFC East Odds

In the AFC East, the Buffalo Bills are runaway favorites, but they do have two reasonable teams to contend with in the Miami Dolphins and New England Patriots.

2022/2023 Division Winner Odds – AFC East

  • Buffalo Bills -225
  • Miami Dolphins +450
  • New England Patriots +500
  • New York Jets +2200

The Dolphins’ divisional odds have gotten longer over recent weeks, moving from +400 to +450 since divisional odds were originally posted by online gambling site, Bovada.

AFC North Odds

The Baltimore Ravens and Cincinnati Bengals have nearly equal share of the AFC North, with the Ravens slightly edging out the Bengals.

2022/2023 Division Winner Odds – AFC North

  • Baltimore Ravens +150
  • Cincinnati Bengals +170
  • Cleveland Browns +325
  • Pittsburgh Steelers +900

The Cleveland Browns are the wildcard in this division, with the NFL looking to push for an indefinite suspension for QB Deshaun Watson, but will likely end up at one year.

AFC South Odds

The Indianapolis Colts, behind new addition Matt Ryan, are favored to win the AFC South outright, with minus odds to do so.

2022/2023 Division Winner Odds – AFC South

  • Indianapolis Colts -125
  • Tennessee Titans +170
  • Jacksonville Jaguars +600
  • Houston Texans +3000

The Tennessee Titans, winners in 2021, are expected to take a step back in the absence of A.J. Brown, whom they traded to the Philadelphia Eagles for the 18th pick in the draft. They used this pick to draft a possible replacement in Treylon Burks. Whatever Burks turns into in the NFL, it seems sportsbooks do not expect him to be able to fill Brown’s shoes as a rookie.

AFC West Odds

Arguably the toughest division in football, the AFC West has no outright favorite, even though the Kansas City Chiefs have never missed the AFC Championship Game with Patrick Mahomes under center.

2022/2023 Division Winner Odds – AFC West

  • Kansas City Chiefs +175
  • Los Angeles Chargers +225
  • Denver Broncos +250
  • Las Vegas Raiders +600

The addition of Russell Wilson to the Denver Broncos, Khalil Mack to the Los Angeles Chargers and Davante Adams to the Las Vegas Raiders has improved all of the Chiefs’ competition, while the Chiefs themselves lost WR1 Tyreek Hill.

NFC East Odds

The NFC East looks to be a fairly close battle between the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles, with the Cowboys on top in the odds boards.

2022/2023 Division Winner Odds – NFC East

  • Dallas Cowboys +125
  • Philadelphia Eagles +160
  • Washington Football Team +550
  • New York Giants +750

The Cowboys lost WR Amari Cooper, while the Eagles added WR A.J. Brown. The two other teams in the division appear to be non-factors based on their odds.

NFC North Odds

The NFC North features the Green Bay Packers, with Aaron Rodgers under center once again, and the Packers have -170 odds to win the division.

2022/2023 Division Winner Odds – NFC North

  • Green Bay Packers -170
  • Minnesota Vikings +275
  • Chicago Bears +900
  • Detroit Lions +900

Their closest competition in the division, the Minnesota Vikings, face off against the Packers in Week 1, in a game that could alter these odds significantly if the Vikings win it.

NFC South Odds

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are by far the biggest divisional favorite in the NFL, with enormous -325 odds to win the NFC South.

2022/2023 Division Winner Odds – NFC South

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers -325
  • New Orleans Saints +350
  • Carolina Panthers +1400
  • Atlanta Falcons +2200

The division is more-or-less unchanged from 2021, a season in which the Bucs won 13 games and won the division by four games.

NFC West Odds

The reigning Super Bowl Champion Los Angeles Rams still have plus odds to make it out of their division, which is one of the strongest in the NFL.

2022/2023 Division Winner Odds – NFC West

  • Los Angeles Rams +130
  • San Francisco 49ers +175
  • Arizona Cardinals +350
  • Seattle Seahawks +1400

The San Francisco 49ers are coming off of an NFC Championship Game appearance, while the Arizona Cardinals were also a playoff team in 2021. Only the Seattle Seahawks, who lost Russell Wilson, are not expected to be in playoff contention this year, creating a tough division to come out of.