Live Dog Race Betting Ban Not Being Honored In Massachusetts

  • Co-founder of ‘GREY2K USA Worldwide’ Christine Dorchak is dissatisfied with Massachusetts lawmakers and their inaction regarding the ban on live dog racing and betting.
  • Live dog racing and betting were banned in 2010 in the state but simulcast betting of the same thing has been a constant since then.

BOSTON – Non-profit organization ‘GREY2K USA Worldwide‘ is taking a stand against dog racing and calling for Massachusetts lawmakers to ‘honor the will of the voters.’

Race Betting Extensions In MA

Although there are legal gambling options in Massachusetts, live dog racing and the subsequent betting on those races was supposed to end in 2010 following a ballot initiative voted on in 2008. A temporary extension was made for simulcast betting, however, in an effort to protect jobs, and those extensions have remained since then, keeping simulcast greyhound racing bets a continued pastime for MA.

Christine Dorchak, a co-founder of ‘GREY2K USA Worldwide,’ and drafter of the ballot initiative that banned dog racing, is dissatisfied with how the situation has been handled.

“They’ve run out of American races to take bets on for the most part, so now they’re turning to taking the signal from Mexico. I’ve heard from one of the track owners that he’d like to expand to other countries as well. This is a problem because there are no humane protections for the animals in these other countries,” said Dorchak.

The Pressure Is On

Others have also voiced their discontent with the lack of action on the issue, such as Massachusetts Senator Cynthia Creem.

“Massachusetts has continued to extend an exemption authorizing simulcasting wagering on greyhound races occurring in other states and in other countries. That first extension was in 2010, it was supposed to have been for seven months and they’re still extending it,” said Creem. “What does that say? That says that the voters here in Massachusetts voted to not allow the racing of greyhounds because it was cruel, but it’s OK if you use those same cruel practices somewhere else and we can just watch it. I don’t believe the voters ever thought that was going to happen.”

Massachusetts residents voted to approve casino gaming in 2011, which gave players some retail and online gambling alternatives to live dog race betting, which has been on life support in Massachusetts for years now.