Lottery News Roundup 07/07/2022: $1M Prizes For Everyone

  • Two $1 million lottery winners came from North Carolina this week.
  • A Dallas gambler won $1 million from a Powerball ticket purchased at a local food mart.
  • A New Mexico player also took home $1 million from a recent Powerball ticket.

DALLAS – There are a lot of new millionaires this week thanks to lottery tickets. Across New Mexico, North Carolina, New York, Pennsylvania, and Texas, many $1 million lottery prizes have been won.

North Carolina Winners

Two gambling winners came out of Tar Heel State this week. Anthony Pinnix, a Burlington Man, purchased a $25 scratch-off ticket on his way to his bosses house and won the $1 million prize.

“It was a strong feeling in my gut,” said Pinnix, “that told me to get that ticket.”

The winning scratch-off ticket was purchased at a Rite Stop Market. Pinnix was with his boss when he scratched the ticket off and wounded up a big winner.

Pinnix took the lump sum. After state and federal taxes, Pinnix would take home $426,067.

Ronald Atteberry won his $1 million prize off of a $10 scratch-off ticket in Rowan county. He, like Pinnix, also took the lump sum and took home $425,012 after taxes.

Powerball Millionaires

In New Mexico, a $1 million prize was sold for the July 4 drawing. No one has claimed the prize as of yet. The winner has 90 days from the drawing date to claim the big prize.

In Dallas, the $1 million winning ticket was claimed by an unknown winner who chose to remain anonymous. The ticket was sold at an Elam Food Mart.

“The second-tier winning Quick Pick ticket matched all five of the white ball numbers drawn (11-13-18-30-37), but not the red Powerball number (16),” said the Texas Lottery.

Mega Millions Winners

Someone in Pennsylvania is sitting on a $1 million winning ticket through the Mega Millions but this has not yet been claimed. The Pennsylvania Lottery announced the winning numbers on July 1.

The ticket was sold at a Travers Food Market in Lansdowne. The market will gain a $5,000 bonus for being the location that sold the winning ticket.

A New York woman, Peggy Spear claimed her $1 million tickets for the Wednesday Mega Millions draw. Spear took the lump sum of $651,000.