MLB Trends Support Luzardo, Gray, Gilbert Over Strikeouts

  • Jesus Luzardo has valuable +112 odds to go over 6.5 strikeouts against the St. Louis Cardinals for a second time.
  • Sonny Gray is favored with -148 odds to go over his 5.5-strikeout prop at Bovada Sportsbook against the Seattle Mariners.
  • Logan Gilbert is expected to go over 6.5 strikeouts with -157 odds against the Minnesota Twins.

ST. LOUISJesus Luzardo is getting plus odds to go over 6.5 strikeouts against the St. Louis Cardinals despite having eight the last time he faced them. Luzardo’s +112 odds are valuable against a struggling Cardinals team.

Jesus Luzardo Bovada Strikeouts Prop

  • Over 6.5 Strikeouts +112
  • Under 6.5 Strikeouts -148

Jesus Luzardo soared over his 6.5-strikeout prop at MLB gambling sites in his last four outings, reaching nine strikeouts in three of them. Luzardo last faced the St. Louis Cardinals on July 4, where he recorded eight strikeouts in six scoreless innings.

Jesus Luzardo went over 6.5 strikeouts in nine of his last 11 starts. The +112 odds at Bovada Sportsbook for Luzardo to continue his success against an opponent he already dominated are valuable.

Favorable Strikeout Opportunities in Seattle Mariners Vs Minnesota Twins

The Minnesota Twins and the Seattle Mariners are the only teams in the MLB with over 900 batting strikeouts this season. Since both teams have around 10 strikeouts per game, both Sonny Gray and Logan Gilbert are in a great position to cash the over for their respective strikeout props.

Sonny Gray Bovada Strikeouts Prop

  • Over 5.5 Strikeouts -148
  • Under 5.5 Strikeouts +112

Sonny Gray has failed to get over the 5.5-strikeout mark in recent outings, but this can be blamed on facing quality opponents with low strikeout rates. Sonny Gray’s gone over 5.5 strikeouts in 3 of four starts against teams in the bottom 10 of the MLB in betting strikeouts per game like the Seattle Mariners.

The Seattle Mariners rank 29th in the MLB in this measure, only striking out less often than Sonny Gray’s Minnesota Twins. A favorable matchup for Gray can be parlayed at gambling sites with an even more favorable matchup for Logan Gilbert.

Logan Gilbert Bovada Strikeouts Prop

  • Over 6.5 Strikeouts -157
  • Under 6.5 Strikeouts +120

Logan Gilbert is favored to surpass the 6.5-strikeout mark for a sixth time this season. Gilbert has been dominant in his two July starts, totaling 13 strikeouts in 16 one-run innings against the San Francisco Giants and the Houston Astros.

Gilbert’s 8.8 strikeouts per nine innings prove well for his -157 odds to go over 6.5 strikeouts against the strikeout-prone Minnesota Twins.