New Bovada Casino Game: Slots Lovers Need to Play Gemhalla

  • Gemhalla is one of the new online slot games at Bovada Casino.
  • The Norse Mythology-based slot uses shiny gemstones and Thor, the God of Thunder himself, to earn massive payouts.
  • The maximum win for Gemhalla is 5,000 times your stake.

LOS ANGELES – A new online slot at Bovada Casino named Gemhalla has plenty of different huge payout opportunities with their features. The best of them all is the Buy Bonus, where I equaled, tripled, and nearly doubled my initial stake.

The Buy Bonus feature is where online slots players can pay 100x their stake to purchase free spins. I tried the Buy Bonus feature three separate times and these were the results.

Gemhalla Buy Bonus Online Slot Results

Attempt: Amount Bet: Amount Won:
1 $100 $362.25
2 $100 $99.50
3 $100 $166.75
4 $100 $119.60

Players at USA Online Gambling tested different wager amounts for the Buy Bonus, with a $100 stake being much more successful than a $20 stake.

The online casino game features refilling on their symbols in a winning combination, meaning the winning combinations have a chance to be replaced with more winning combinations. The action is a drop down that works similarly to mobile games such as Pet Rescue Saga or Candy Crush.

Outside of the Buy Bonus, players can double their chances by applying an extra 0.5x their stake in their normal spins. The chance multiplier increases the odds that Thor randomly tosses a payout multiplier while the reel spins.

They come pretty frequently and range from 2x your stake all the way to 50x. The highest one I got was a 50x multiplier that improved by $12.50 win to $625.

Players can win up to 5,000 times their stake, with the maximum stake being $50.00. The Gemhalla slot provides a valuable opportunity in a fun format.