New Bovada Online Casino Game Review: Bonanza Billions

  • Bonanza Billions is a slot game available at Bovada in their new slot section.
  • Offering a way to win 100x your money, getting similar symbols on the 30-piece board is the goal.
  • Boosts are available by buying into the free spin game feature.

DALLAS – A new slot game at Bovada, Bonanza Billions, doesn’t conform to normal online slot game standards. With no pay lines, the payouts happen by seeing similar symbols on the board, regardless of their column or row.

Play from $0.20 to $12 per spin. The slot reels move quickly and you can win multiple lines per spin. Once your payout hits, it drops down the column, similar to Candy Crush. This allows you to add wins together on the same slot roll.

The autoplay feature moves quickly. This makes verifying payouts a little difficult, which can have you questioning if the last roll was a winner. With over 30 spots on the board, it offers the next roll before you can really evaluate the board.

The jewels pay out the best at this online casino game compared to the fruit symbols. Regardless, getting eight symbols is the minimum to get a payout.

Bonanza Billions Review

While drops were common, I won more than three times per single spin only a few times. But, seeing two-three combinations happened often.

I did find myself getting the free spin game early on. This comes when four or more scatters end on the reels.

Though it didn’t happen much for me, this is the spot where online slot players can really cash in. Able to win up to 100x your bet, the free play gives 10-30 spins based on the number of scatter symbols you saw.

More commonly, you’ll run across 2-8x multipliers. If you’re able to get more than one multiplier in the free spin game, they add together.

Also, the scatter symbols are an instant pay, offering 2-100x your money based on how many symbols are present.

Scatter Symbols Payout
4 3x your bet
5 5x your bet
6 100x your bet

Instead of waiting for the free spin game, you also have the option to increase your risk for a better chance of it hitting. You also have the ability to outright buy the bonus.

After 100 rolls betting $0.25 each with the chance x2 activated, I ended down $15.41. On my next roll of 100 auto spins (same setup), I ended down $12.67 with no free spins given.

For the last set, I decided to buy the bonus. In the end, I didn’t have much success with this slot, losing 90% of my bought bonus risk two times.

Other staff members at USA Online Gambling had more luck, bringing their entire bankroll up to over 4x its money.

  • Bonanza Billion Score: 6/10