New Jersey Gives Compulsive Gambling Additional Funding

  • New Jersey has dedicated up to $884,000 to combat compulsive gambling.

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. – The New Jersey Legislature has put over $800,000 of it’s $46.4 billion state budget into combatting compulsive gambling from mid-2021 to mid-2022. The state is expecting to bring in $163.7 million in taxes from Casinos over the next year.

How New Jersey’s Budget Stacks Up

Compulsive gambling is becoming a more and more prevalent issue as online gambling becomes legal in more states. New Jersey’s potential budget of $884,000 is in the middle of the pack in terms of money dedicated to fighting compulsive gambling.

There are eight states that have no funding for compulsive gambling while states like Nevada, Michigan and Delaware all have funding north of $1 million. As gambling becomes the norm across the country, problem gambling will likely receive more funding, but considering the revenue that New Jersey brings in, some may have expected a larger budget.

Looking Towards The Future

As mentioned, the fund towards helping problem gamblers in legal sports betting states is only set to increase in the years to come. Massachusetts is hoping to send $15 million to $20 million each year to the Public Health Trust Fund in hopes to help problem gambling.

New Jersey is right behind Nevada in revenue from sports betting, which should result in more funding as the years go on. Anyone looking to read the entire document with all of the details can check it out here.