New York iGaming Looks to be off the Table for 2023 Session

  • Even with persistent pushing by Senator Joseph Addabbo, iGaming in New York was not included in the 2023-24 current budget plans.
  • Addabbo’s last big push was in late February where he proposed using the funds generated from online gaming to fund the MTA.

NEW YORK – After an attempt by Senator Joseph Addabbo to regulate online casinos, it is now expected that New York will not see online casinos in their border for 2023. The bill has not been included in the fiscal budget and will stay that way unless Governor Kathy Hochul makes any adjustments before the budget is finalized.

The iGaming bill would have regulated New York online gambling for online slot machines, live table games, and live dealer games. The push by Addabbo to regulate online casinos is built around the fact that other online casinos regulated outside of New York are taking in massive handles.

With state online sports betting in NY already functioning successfully, DraftKings and FanDuel could offer mobile iGaming if they were to sneak it into the budget.

Where Would New York Mobile Gaming Funds Go?

In an extended effort to have SB 4856 featured in the 2023-24 budget, Addabbo proposed that the funds generated from online casinos could be used to aid the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. Licensing fees and tax dollars generated from iGaming would be expected to be available before 2026, unlike the money from brick and mortar casinos in New York.

Hochul planned on using the fees and taxes from in person casinos to fund the MTA but the proposal to regalate online casinos for a more immediate solution does still not seem to be enough to land online casino gambling on the proposal for the fiscal year.