NFL: Chiefs Vs. Bills Quarterback Betting Props

  • The Kansas City Chiefs and the Buffalo Bills are set to face off in what could be an AFC Championship Preview.
  • QBs Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen both have passing yard O/Us OVER 300 yards.
  • Mahomes has +100 odds to have more than 2.5 passing touchdowns, which he has done in every game this season.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Kansas City Chiefs and the Buffalo Bills face off in what could be a preview of the AFC Championship Game.

Both teams are tied for second in the NFL in scoring so far, averaging 33.5 points per game.

This is in large part due to the excellent quarterbacking of Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen, who will no doubt be the focus of many NFL betting fans wagering on this game.

Mahomes and Allen are two of the top quarterbacks in the league, so let’s take a look at their prop betting odds listed with sportsbooks.

Patrick Mahomes Passing Yards Prop Betting

  • OVER 309.5 -114
  • UNDER 309.5 -114

Josh Allen Passing Yards Prop Betting

  • OVER 305.5 -114
  • UNDER 305.5 -114

Allen and Mahomes are both pegged at more than 300 yards on the day and injuries on both defenses could help their cases.

DL Chris Jones of the Chiefs and LB Matt Milano of the Bills both missed practice on Wednesday and Thursday and could be in danger of missing the game.

Still, these are fairly ambitious numbers. Mahomes has missed 309.5 yards twice in the four games this season and Allen has missed 305.5 in three of the four games played this year.

Patrick Mahomes Passing Touchdowns Prop Betting

  • OVER 2.5 +100
  • UNDER 2.5 -130

Josh Allen Passing Touchdowns Prop Betting

  • OVER 2.5 +145
  • UNDER 2.5 -192

Both quarterbacks are notable for their involvement in the passing game, although once again Allen’s numbers seem ambitious compared to their seasonal production.

Allen has only passed for more than two touchdowns in one game so far this season, and he only passed for two touchdowns in the Bills’ 40-0 domination of the Texans.

Mahomes, on the other hand, has been an absolute passing touchdown machine. He’s passed for three or more touchdowns in each of the four games so far, and has a combined 14 touchdowns on the year.

In other words, 14 of the Chiefs’ 18 touchdowns this year have come directly from Mahomes’ arm.

Neither QB is favored to get OVER 2.5 touchdown passes, which could be a potential point of exploitation for online gambling fans.

The Bills take on the Chiefs for Sunday Night Football, which airs on NBC at 8:20 p.m. EST.